MSTS Version 1.4 Web-based Updates


These original (un-modified) installers contain the web files that updated MSTS v1.0 to v1.2/1.4. This enabled the early purchasers of MSTS to upgrade their game to the last released version of MSTS.


Versions, What Versions?

Microsoft Train Simulator was released in mid-2001. There were some "issues", and Microsoft released a patch in April 2002 that (was supposed to) address a variety of issues.

When you installed version 1.0, you didn't need to have a CD in the drive to make the game work. However, when v1.4 was released on disk, the program was modified to ensure that a CD was always present in the drive. Fairly obviously, users of v1.0 who upgraded to v1.4 using the web update couldn't "have a CD in the drive".

There was only ever ONE update of MSTS. Depending on the market and the distributor, the package said that the version was called v1.2, v1.3 or v1.4. Even Microsoft call it v1.2 on their own website!

When you look at the program file's "Properties", the upgrade clearly states "Patch v1.4":

Microsoft originally released MSTS in a boxed version.

Sometime after the release of v1.4, the box was replaced by a 2-CD Amaray-style DVD case with either the BNSF Dash 9 or the Flying Scotsman on the cover, depending on the market into which it was sold.

Microsoft handed over distribution of MSTS to third parties in about 2005 and the game was released under Atari (US) and Ubisoft (Europe/Asia/Oceania) labels. Despite the new distributors, the game remained unchanged at ver 1.4.

As time went on, Atari changed the packaging (NOT the content) from a DVD case to a two-CD jewel case (you'll see these advertised on amazon and elsewhere as "jc").

Xplosiv (a UK-based company) then took over distribution of MSTS - and that version is the v1.4 update version. THey went into liquidation in 2009.

Ubisoft in Europe still distributes MSTS as v1.4 in a jewel case package. It is available from and costs about AU$32 delivered to Au8stralia.
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Why Do I Need This Version 1.4 Web-Update

Three reasons:

  1. You have version 1.0 and want to upgrade to version 1.4;
  2. You have version 1.4 on disk and don't want to keep putting the CD in the drive;
  3. You have ANY version and you want to run MSTS-Bin.



Listed below are the downloads you need to bring your MSTS up to date, not need a CD in the drive and be ready to install MSTS-Bin. The Train Update file below contains the v1.4 update, updated TechDocs and updated Tools utilities. That's why it may be bigger than the cut-down versions you'll see elsewhere on the Web.

  • Version 1.0 to version 1.4: you'll need the v1.4 Train Update, the SD40-2 Content, and the Class 50 Content.
  • Version 1.4 (any version): just the v1.4 Train Update to eliminate the need for CD-in-drive and to get you ready for MSTS-Bin.
Click here to commence downloading a 7MB EXE file
MSTS v1.4 Train Simulator Update

Addresses the following issues present in v1.0:

  1. Video Card Issues (modified mprofiler.exe)
  2. Marias Pass Refueling (modified dash9 and GP38 ENGine file)
  3. Coupler Functionality and Train.exe update (click here for detailed file list)
  4. Winter Textures (textures missing from Routes\Japan1\Textures\Night: JP1HadanoAlph.ace and JP1KaiseAlpha.ace)
  5. Night Textures (texture missing from Routes\Japan2\Textures\Snow: US2FuelStation.ace)
  6. Orient-Express Gölsdorf 380 Refueling (missing coal texture and modified tender WAGon file)
  7. Editing Tools (click here for detailed file list)

7.03 MB (7,376,240 bytes)

Note: This is the version that must be present in your MSTS installation for the MSTS-Bin patches to install on your MSTS installation.

Click here to commence downloading a 20MB EXE file
MSTS v1.4 Class 50 Content
Includes Class 50 locomotive, 4 passenger carriages, and 2 new activities
20.3 MB (21,290,200 bytes)
Click here to commence downloading a 18MB EXE file
MSTS v1.4 SD40-2 Content
Includes BNSF SD40-2 locomotive, 2 freight cars, a caboose, and 2 new activities
18.4 MB (19,336,152 bytes)