Using Route Riter To Change Coupler Types In Just A Click Or Two
by Yuri Sos

The Procedure

Requires Route_Riter 6.3.55 or higher.

One of the most common questions on the forums around the world is "How do I change some/all the couplers to/from Chain/Automatic?"

Here's the answer.>


The Procedure

  1. Open Route_Riter.

    Click on the tab labelled Activities/Stock" (arrowed "1" below).

    Click on the Check Rolling Stock button (arrowed "2" below).

    Start here to adjust rolling stock

  2. A screen will appear detailing any errors such as missing files for activities and so on. Click exit and you will be left with a spreadsheet type screen.

    Click on the "Rear Coupling" heading to sort all the coupling types together (arrowed "3" below).

    Click-drag to select the items to be changed (arrowed "4" below).

  3. Right-click on any one of the selected items and a "Change Couplings" button will appear:

  4. Click this to change Chain to Automatic and vice versa (bar couplings will not be altered):

    There.... done.