Route Riter Converts Latitude/Longitude to Tile Co-Ordinates
by Yuri Sos


  1. Open Route_Riter.

    Click on the "Misc Options" (arrow "1" below) tab; Type in your latitude and longitude in decimal format (arrow "2" below); then click Calculate (arrow "3" below).

    Open Route Riter and click on Misc Options tab

  2. The World Tile co-ordinates and Tile Filename appear in the appropriate dialogue boxes (arrow "4" below);

  3. As you can see, the lat/long and tile co-ordinates match perfectly (see arrow "5").

  4. You can go the other way: click "Clear" then type in your tile co-ordinates (see arrow "6").

  5. Click "Calculate" and the lat/longs appear (see arrow "7").

  6. When you copy/paste these co-ordinates into the RE Camera Position and press "jump" (arrow "8" below), the camera position is at the south-westernmost corner or the appropriate tile (see arrow "9" below).