Route Riter Makes Thumbnails for Use with Conbuilder
by Yuri Sos


This function enables you to create thumbnails for use in Conbuilder (or Route Riter's own Consist Editor) enablinmg you to get a screenshot of the model you are selecting. You will require Route_Riter 6.3.52 or higher!


Let's Get Started

  1. Open Route_Riter.

    Right-click on the CON button (arrow #1) in image below:
    Left-click on the E/W button (arrow #2) in image below:

    tn_cb_1.jpg - 99kb

  2. Click on the "List Filtered Files" button (arrow #3 above):
  3. After a few seconds of frantic activity, you will see a screen that looks something like this below: click on the arrowed button "Select All":

    tn_cb_3.jpg - 131kb

  4. After a few seconds, all the files have been selected. Click on the arrowed button "Make thumbnails of .ENG and .WAG files" (see image below).

    Route_Riter will now start making thumbnails of each model naming them the same as its parent ENG or WAG file, taking 2-4 seconds per model as Shape Viewer briefly flashes up on the screen creating each image.

    If there is a FreightAnimation tag in the ENG or WAG file, it will be added to the thumbnail view as well:

    tn_cb_4.jpg - 137kb

    Allow the process to finish. You can check the progress of the process by watching the number of selected files decrease as each eng/wag file is processed:

    tn_cb_7.jpg - 80kb

    You will know when it's finished because SV will stop flashing images on the screen and the "total Number of Selected Files" is zero.

  5. If Route_Riter encounters an existing JPG, it will stop and ask you what to do..........

    tn_cb_5.jpg - 13kb

  6. Once finished, you will be able to preview your consist as you build it in Conbuilder (click on the "Preview" button for a consist display):

    tn_cb_6.jpg - 13kb