Route Riter Version History

  • v7.7.09 - After a two year hiatus, development of Route Riter has resumed under the tutelage of long-time MSTS user and IS guru, Jeffrey Kraus-Yao.
    The significant changes to Route-Riter are that is now sets the Java class path so TsUtil does not needed to be copied into the Java folder.
    It has been tested compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and has the logo.
    One change needed to get the logo is that the program no longer write files to the Program Files folder but instead to a user folder.
    The new website for Route_Riter downloads is
  • .
    {Released 17-April-2015}
  • v7.6.00+ - Starting from v7.6.00, Route_Riter is freeware; no more donations are required, or will be accepted.
    Route_Riter will no longer be updated from 24th Sept 2013. Final version is 7.6.26.
    {Released 24-Sep-2013}
  • v7.1.27 - Latest patch includes a fix to "list shapes which use this ACE": make sure that after clicking the "Confirm Route" button that the route appears correctly in the title line of Route_Riter otherwise errors may occur. Note: You can select multiple .ace files and the report will tell you which models each of the .ace files are used by. Steps to perform this operation:
    1. Confirm your route;
    2. Select your .ace from a textures folder; note: You can select multiple .ace files;
    3. Click on "Graphics" tab, then click on "List Shapes which use this .ACE";
    4. A report form is produced, telling you which models each of the .ace files are used by.
    {Released 10-January-2009}
  • v7.1.18 - Latest patch includes a fix to 'Correct Couplers Automatically' which could result in no couplers appearing at all. Also Route Riter now checks for Freightanim entries in the option 'Fix .eng/.wag files' on the Activities/Stock tab and reports ANY missing shape files called by the FreightAnim line in Locos or Wagons (previous versions checked only for crew in cab).
    {Released 08-November-2008}
  • v7.1.14 - Minor bug fixes.
    {Released 17-October-2008}
  • v7.1.12 - A new FULL install of Route Riter. Again an updated RRit_Extra_Files released with this upgrade, correcting some errors in the previous brake files.

    Note: brake file figures and calculations are for North American trains only as Australia and other parts of the world operate trains with air brake-pipe pressures of 70psi rather than the US' 80 and 90 psi and do not have Emergency Brake Reservoirs. There is a text-file based tutorial on use of these brake files within this package (unfortunately Turbo Bill has not given permission to present this material as an online tutorial here).
    {Released 27-September-2008}

  • v7.1.10 - A new RRit_Extra_Files released with this upgrade: this upgrade includes further amended and updated BrakeFiles and Couplers for use with the licenced version of Route_Riter (The updated files are from Bill Prieger - 'TurboBill' and are included with his kind permission - For those without the licenced version of RR, they may still be used to manually update the brakes and couplers of American engines and wagons). As well as files for brake systems using composition brake shoes, there are also files for cast iron shoed equipment. When you use the 'Correct Brakes Manually' button, you actually get the option to let the program update all selected items automatically and you get the option to use cast iron or composition brake shoes.
    {Released 12-September-2008}
  • v7.0.98 - A new RRit_Extra_Files released with this upgrade.
    {Released 22-August-2008}
  • v7.0.97 - Fixed the convert .kml to .mkr files option to convert both files from Google Earth and from Microsoft Live. Also included new button on front screen which will increase/decrease the altitude of every object in the selected .w file. Thus you can raise/lower all items by a set amount if the route is above the terrain. Note that if a .w file includes track, this will be raised as well, so the whole route needs to be raised and a tdb rebuild undertaken if you use this. So only use on a backup - this was included to help a user who had converted a route to DEM data and the whole route ended up underground.
    {Released 22--2008}
  • v7.0.94 - Will now check and compact routes which contain .s files which are difficult to uncompress, such as Wayne Campbell's 1940s cars.
    {Released 26-June-2008}
  • v7.0.93 - When making Thumbnails of rolling stock, you may now skip items which already have .jpg files, making the option much quicker than before. Also a new version of TsUtils, so download and install ExtraFiles_7093 as below. For your convenience and ease of use, the Extra_Files are now packaged as a simple to use installer.
    {Released 7-June-2008}
  • v7.0.92 - Upgrades the 'Fix .eng/.wag Files' option to give you the opportunity to also check that all Sound files in the .eng/.wag files exist, including Aliased sounds. A report is shown listing all missing sounds.
    {Released 6-June-2008}
  • v7.0.91 - Includes new option under MSTS File Utils - Remove ViewDbSphere from Selected .W files - This as it says, removes all the ViewDbSphere entries from the .w files and it also alters all VDbId () entries to VDbId ( 4294967295 ) - This option is only for those who know what these entries do. See The Role Of The ViewDbSphere parameter for more information and search and fora for more enlightenment.
    {Released 2-June-2008}
  • v7.0.90 - Bug in Make Tsection.dat for use with Train-Store fixed.
    {Released 26-May-2008}
  • v7.0.89 - New FULL INSTALL version. New option under TsUtils tab to search for all signals in a route and to list each type of signal and its location.
    New version of TsUtils is enclosed within the Extra Files v7.0.89+.ZIP file.
    Also A few small bugs fixed.
    {Released 30-Apr-2008}
  • v7.0.86 - New option under TsUtils tab to search for all signals in a route and to list each type of signal and its location: this new version of TsUtils is found in 7.0.85 contained an older (incorrect) version of TsUtils, so upgrade to .86 as soon as you can. Summary: to upgrade to 7.0.86, you need BOTH and
    {Released 13-Apr-2008}
  • v7.0.85 - This new FULL INSTALL version of Route_Riter uses Carl-Heinz Rave's TsUtils Java functions to compress/uncompress .s/.t and .w files wherever this is necessary in the program. This change has been necessitated by previous compress/uncompress utilities not working under Vista, and it was becoming very difficult to maintain two sets of code for the two different operating systems. This version is an attempt to make a single version of RR which will run on both OS.

    Because of these changes, there is no longer any requirement for Microsoft .Net Framework to be installed for RR to run, only a recent version of Java is necessary.
    {Released 30-Mar-2008}

  • v7.0.83 - Fixed a bug where if you changed your MSTS Path in the Files menu, the path to the Global Sound Folder was not changed until you re-ran Route_Riter.
    {Released 3-Jan-2008}

  • v7.0.82 - Added a warning that HardLinked Files should NOT be used with Vista.

    The Extra Files now include a new version of TsUtils - These require Java 1.5 or later.

    New French language file and new French Help files are available for download as under - Thanks to Telemaque.
    {Released 6-Dec-2007}

  • v7.0.80 - Inclues new file SetupFiles\Points.txt - Make sure this ends up in your folder Route_Riter\SetupFiles\ - This is used with the Fix Stuck Points option in the Licenced version of Route_Riter, and lists the track sections which are searched for points with missing JNode entries. Users may edit this file to add extra bad track types, you must increment the number on the first line to indicate the total number of track types.

    Fixed a bug in a Move/Delete area whereby if you selected Move, you were told the files were Deleted. (they were in fact Moved, but it could cause users to worry)...
    {Released 16-Oct-2007}

  • v7.0.78 - Fixed an Error 9 bug if you ran 'Check all Activities' then ran 'Check Rolling Stock' one after the other
    {Released 05-Oct-2007}
  • v7.0.75 -
    • Fixed an error in 'Write.bat' whereby mutilple instances of Terrtex files could appear in the InstallMe.bat file.
    • Fixed an error whereby Route_Riter did not appear on screen at startup if it was closed from the Toolbar while minimized.
    • Changed the UHARC button so that it was disabled if Uharc.exe was not in the Route_Riter folder (necessitated by AVG wrongly reporting this file as virus infected and removing it).

    {Released 26-Sep-2007}
  • v7.0.73 - Fixed the Error 76 when exiting Route_Riter (on some systems).

    Added new option on the 'List of Filtered Files' screen 'Fix AI wheel radius for MSTSbin' - Historically, AI locos required an adjustment to the wheel radius to make them turn at the correct speed in MSTS. Now that many users have MSTSbin, this adjustment is no longer required. This option causes your AI locos to revert to the same WheelRadius settings in the .eng file as the player loco has.

    To use this option, select your TrainSim folder (right click on the CON button top left of the main screen), and enter #*.eng in the filters box (assuming you have used RR to produce your AI locos), you may alternatively enter AI*.eng, AI_*.eng or AI-*.eng to cover other AI locos. Then press the 'List Filtered Files' button. This will eventually bring up the List of Filtered Files with a list of all your AI locos, select those you wish to convert and click the FIX AI Wheel radius button, bottom left and they will all revert to the same settings as the equivalent normal Loco.
    {Released 22-Sep-2007}

  • v7.0.69 - Fixed a serious bug in the Uncompress .s/.t/.w option. Also fixed the program so that it correctly uncompresses files with umlauts in the filename.
    {Released 17-Sep-2007}
  • v7.0.68 - The option to convert Google Earth/Maps files to MSTS .mkr files was missing a blank line between the header and text resulting in the first marker not being seen in the Route Editor. Now fixed.

    A new version of TsUtils (v3.3.06E) which uncompresses some .s files which it could not handle before is available below in the ExtraFiles folder.
    {Released 12-Sep-2007}

  • v7.0.66 - Added button under TsUtils tab to 'Remove .t tile where no .w tile exists' this is as it says. All of the Tiles folder is copied to the Routename\RRbackups\Tiles folder, so nothing is lost. All .t tiles (and their _*.raw equivalents) are removed from the Tiles folder, reducing the route size. Do not use where there are large empty spaces, e.g. seascapes or deserts, in your route.
    {Released 10-Sep-2007}
  • v7.0.65
    1. Under Check Route, if there is no .trk file, but there is a .off file, then RR renames the file to routename.trk so that it can continue to check the route.
    2. Added the ability to convert .gpx files produced by Google Maps to MSTS marker files. I have changed the button 'Convert Google .kml files to MSTS .mkr' to 'Convert Google .kml or .gpx files to .mkr'. The .gpx files have no placenames so RR will add places of Mark1, Mark2 etc to enable the user to jump to whichever one he chooses.

      See David Coverdale's new tutorial for examples of how to use this for route building.

  • v7.0.62 - The Stuck Points options have been altered to cover more types of points/switches.
    Program also ignores Shapes with PNT in the filename but which are not points.
    {Released 06-Sep-2007}
  • v7.0.59 - Changed the 'Quick Consist Check' and the 'Consist Check' so that if an Engine or Wagon is not in the folder pointed to by the .con file, but is available in another folder you then get the choice to automatically change the .con file to point to the correct folder. Added a Search box for rolling stock on the Rolling Stock grid. A tutorial explaining this feature is available at

    Have added two buttons to the MSTS File Utils screen which allow you to

    1. Search for 'stuck' points(switches) in a route.
    2. The second button only available in the licenced version will fix the .w files for you (otherwise you can do it by hand following Otto's instructions on

    {Released 02-Sep-2007}
  • v7.0.48 - A large rewrite of the Check Consists option which fixes the ability to replace missing items in all consists.

    Fixed 'Compact Route' when there are .s files which are not compressed in the normal 'compressed binary' format. Because RR could not read these files, it did not notice that they pointed to .ace files and thus the .ace files were removed during a 'Compact Route' operation. Thanks to OldieDaddy for feedback and testing of this option
    {Released 28-Aug-2007}

  • v7.0.42 - Fixes a few small errors, mainly in the .REF File Editor and in the option to change Error Bias.
  • v7.0.38 - Check Route and Merge now add missing folders such as Traffic and Lo_Tiles as these empty folders are needed by some utilities.
    {Released 08-July-2007}
  • v7.0.37 - Thanks to Otto who has pointed out that since using TsUtils to compress/uncompress files in Route_Riter hundreds of temporary files with the format TsUtilxxxx.tmp have appeared in the System's temporary folder. This version of Route_Riter cleans out all those temporary files each time it is shut down. If you have been

    using Route_Riter v7 for some time, this may take some time to work the first time you use it, I had over 15,000 .tmp files on my system :-( It has also been noticed that if you use the Move, Adjust and a few other options in TsUtils that RR removed empty Traffic/Paths/Services/Activities folders. These are now checked and replaced even if empty.

    A new version of TsUtils (v3.3.06C) is included in the 'Extra Files' package today.

  • v7.0.36 - It has been pointed out that in v7 of RR the option to set up Common Files no longer works. To fix this, I have had to make a small change to the program and also include a new batch file EZstuff3.bat which should be placed in the StuffitPack folder.
  • v7.0.34 - The following new items have been added following suggestions received from users on and last week:-
    1. Run Check Activities then Check Consists and you can right click on any .eng/.wag to change it - A new checkbox has been added to the Substitute Rolling Stock screen which allows users to substitute a new .eng or .wag file in ALL Consist and Activity files;
    2. A new button allowing you to just check the Activities in the currently selected route has been added;
    3. In the REF file editor, the 'Add Unreferenced Shapes' function had a bug in the description line, this is fixed;
    4. An option button has been added to the Check Rolling Stock page which allows you to select Locomotive .sms files and do a bulk change from 'couple_auto' to 'couple_chain' - Ian pointed out that many UK Steam/Electric/Diesel locos have chain couplings but the sound files mainly use Automatic coupling sounds, this changes it to Chain;
    5. It has been pointed out that I was using the incorrect parameters for MSTS mapping in the option to convert Google .kml files to MSTS .mkr files - This has been corrected.

  • v7.0.31 - Includes new button in the Engine/Wagon File Editor - 'Remove certain files from list' This button allows you to input a string of characters which if found in filenames will cause such filenames to be removed from the list, e.g. entering Brake will cause all Brakevans to be removed from the list etc. This option may be used multiple times, so if you have sensible rolling stock names, you should be able to remove those you do not wish to modify.
    Also fixes a couple of bugs mainly in checking routes where the Hidewire program has been used.
    {Released 14-June-2007}
  • v7.0.27 FULL INSTALL - Fixed a bug where Check Route failed if there were over 500 transfers used in the route. Added a new option to the .Ref File Editor where it checks the Shapes folder and adds any shapes which do not have .ref file entries to the Route's .ref file.
    {Released 6-May-2007}
  • v7.0.25 - Compress .s/.w/.t was compressing file in situ rather than sending compressed version to the Target window. Route_Riter would lock up if Shapes in a .w file were enclosed in double sets of quotation marks, e.g. FileName ( ""myshape.s"" ) Compact Route removed Snow textures for Transfers to the RRBackups folder.
  • v7.0.23 - Added a check on program startup to ensure that the Java/TsUtils combination is actually working on the user's PC. If it is not, then the program aborts. See the latest FAQ page if you have problems with Java/TsUtils.

    A new French language file is included with this patch.

  • v7.0.22 - Fixed a bug in Check all Rolling-Stock where .ace files for FreightAnim items were sometimes erroneously reported as being missing.
  • v7.0.21 - Fixed a serious bug in "Compact Route" routine.
  • v7.0.20 - Check Route and Compact Route now recognise track objects which are aliased to shapes in the Route's Shapes folder and handle them correctly. (Especially useful for Dynatrax users).
    Check Selected Activity now works on multiple selected activities.
  • v7.0.18 Beta - New option to change the ESD_Alternative_Texture value in all selected .sd files.
  • v7.0.17 Beta - Fixes some bugs in the 7.0.11 beta above, see the Read-Me-Now.txt for details.
  • v7.0.11 Beta - All compress/uncompress file routines completely rewritten to use TsUtils for this function, it is proving faster than the previous versions. This version also includes a Windows front-end for TsUtils allow users to access all of the TsUtils options without having to resort to a DOS window for command entry.

    New - Uploaded 18th April, includes new couplers from TurboBill and Otto and new TsUtils from Carl-Heinz, new features include

    • Read-Routine of TS-Files is changed so that it accepts file-IDs, where '_'-characters have been replaced by 'CR' or 'LF';
    • 'File-mask specification within the fmgr'-function now accepts masks using 'windows'-style.(Option '-n') e.g.:Shapes 's*.s'
    • The 'fmgr' routine is much better at compressing/uncompressing .w/.s files, and is now used in the new Beta of Route_Riter v7.

    Route_Riter v7 and higher will only require a single version for both XP and Vista.

  • v6.4.93 - Improved startup procedures. Also changed the Select MSTSPath menu option so that it should not be necessary to restart Route_Riter to change paths.
  • v6.4.92V - Vista only - Fixed a bug which caused a failure if Ffeditc_unicode.exe was not in the StartupFiles folder.
  • v6.4.91 - Changed .Eng/.Wag File Editor so that it fixes .eng/.wag files with faulty 'Coupling (' entries where the bracket is on a different line to the keyword. Also includes CabPos.ace which was omitted from the full version installation packages, required for .eng/.wag file editor.
  • v6.4.90V - This is a fix for the Vista version only - I have reverted to using ffeditc to uncompress .s files while checking a route. There were issues using other uncompress utilities under Vista. Please advise of any problems encountered.
  • v6.4.88 - Fixed bug in Compact Global\Shapes - caused by a change in a Microsoft .dll which started saving the files as, for example, Global\SpareTracka10t100mStrt.s instead of Global\SpareTrack\a10t100mStrt.s;
    Changed the option to remove items placed in a route with the Gantry.dat file so that only those shapes automatically placed were removed, previously this option also deleted manually placed items.
    Changed the Check Selected Activity option to check ALL selected activities, rather than having to check one at a time.
  • v6.4.86 - Fixed bad bug in Correct Couplers which placed extra Buffers section and extra bracket in .eng/.wag file when certain conditions occurred. Added new button to front screen, Remove Auto-Gantry items from .w Files. This allows route authors to remove all the selected Gantry items from the selected files, this includes walls, fences etc laid using Gantry.dat. The program displays a list of all shapes laid using Gantry.dat and allows you to choose the one to remove.
  • v6.4.83 - Changed the 'Correct Couplers Automatically' option to select the coupler.txt file based on the length of the locomotive rather than the mass.
  • v6.4.82 -
    1. Derail value box does not appear if using the option 'Correct Mass and Couplers only'
    2. Default setting for Correct Mass and Coupler only is now 'Selected'
    3. I have removed any extra line feeds in the Mass and Inertia Tensor areas
    4. I have removed any extra tabs before the Comments.
    5. Delete All Selected did not work - Fixed
    6. AI locos did not get correct brake file when fixing brakes. - Fixed

  • v6.4.80 and v6.4.80V - FULL INSTALL VERSION: An updated set of TurboBill's Couplers are included with this version. New buttons added to the Engine/Wagon Editor, Select All Rolling Stock, Select Backups Remove all Lights from Selected and Delete Selected. Backups of stock are now named e.g. Scotsman.eng.bak, Scotsman.eng.bak2 etc. You can use the select Backups to list all backups, and select those you wish to delete. The Remove all Lights enables you to select rolling-stock items and remove ALL the light entries for a particular model, e.g. if used as 2nd loco in multiple units, or stationary stock etc. For those who have the Licenced version of RR, the Correct Couplers Automatically allows you to select ALL your rolling-stock and insert TurboBill's settings with a single button click.
  • v6.4.76 and v6.4.76V - Changed the Check Route option so that it gives you the option to either use Route_Riter to fix Soundsource entries, or just to notate them so that they can be fixed later using TsUtils. Added a new button to the TsUtils screen which runs the CVRT option in a mode which only corrects Soundsource entries. Note however, that there are some instances where TsUtils can not correct the Soundsource entry, So you can later run the Check Route option a second time and use RR to finally fix all of these Soundsource entries.
  • v6.4.74 for Vista - full install package:Route_Riter for Vista does not require .Net Framework nor TK.MSTS.Utils to run unlike earlier versions. This version will also run under windows XP (however it is much slower than .Net Framework XP version for checking routes etc (about 3 times slower).

    Before you install Route_Riter for Vista, you must have a Java runtime program installed on your PC.

    Note: Vista requires a special version of Route_Riter prior to v7- see blue boxed area below.

  • v6.4.71 - Fixed a few small bugs in the above.
  • v6.4.70 - In the last few updates of Route_Riter, when using the Check Route option, RR fixed invalid Soundsource entries in .WS files where the Position entry was not on the current tile. Unfortunately, RR changed the word Position to PPosition, hence replacing one invalid entry with another one :-(

    The latest version of TsUtils included with the updates to Route_Riter v6.4.63 and later now fixes the Positions correctly by actually moving the Soundsource entry to the correct .ws file, so I am removing the fix from the RR Check Route option. So for anyone who has run Route_Riter v6.4.51 or later to check a route and has a report that a Soundsource has been corrected. I suggest they look in the route's World folder and check for .ws files which have a .ws.bak extension. You should delete the main .ws file, and rename the .ws.bak file to .ws and your file should be in its original condition. Following that, run the TsUtils ICHK integrity check option and it will correct the errors in the .ws file.

    This version v6.4.70 does not check the Soundsource entries in .ws files, please use TsUtils ICHK for that purpose and it will correctly fix them for you.

    Read-Me files for Bills Couplers and the latest version of TsUtil are included with this update.

  • v6.4.68 - As above but with serious bug in .eng/.wag file editor removed - sorry...
  • v6.4.67 - As above but with bug in .eng/.wag file editor removed - sorry...
     New option to convert Google Earth .kml files to MSTS marker files (see Yuri Sos' tutorial);
  • v6.4.63 - Large upgrade
    • New version of TsUtils v3.3.04 - See the file TsUtil_en.txt for full details (I have not fully implemented all of the new features from within Route_Riter, however they can be accessed by running TsUtils from within a DOS window);
    • Also for those with the licenced version, the BrakeFiles and Couplers folders now include TurboBill's Brake and Coupler files as discussed on over the past few weeks. These are included with the permission of Bill, Joe Morris, Jean-Louis Chauvin and Otto Wipfel. As there are so many different 'Prefered Coupler settings' around these days, I leave it up to the user to decide whether to use an Automatic system, or to select one of the Coupler or Brake files supplied (you can always write your own file and include it in the relevant folder if you think you can do better);
    • I have uploaded a new Route_Riter.chm help file and suggest you download this for full details of the latest features.

  • v6.4.52 - Fixed several bugs if .dat files were missing in a route, and if a .bak file already existed for a .ws file.
  • v6.4.51 - I have added an extra feature to the Check Route option whereby .ws files are now checked for invalid parameters in the SoundSource Position data. These have been found to cause MSTS lock-ups - see Lukas Lusser's tutorial. Invalid positions (less than -1024 or greater than 1024) are replaced with -1023 or 1023 and a backup of the .ws file is made with a .bak suffix. Such files are also listed in the report after Checking is finished.

    I have also fixed a bug in the Check Route where it was sometimes reported that missing Track or Road sections had been recovered from a Global\SpareTrack folder. It turns out the track sections were not actually copied back into Global\Shapes.

  • v6.4.50B - Is exactly the same version as v6.4.50 below, but also includes Turbo-Bill's PRO series of couplers for MSTSbin in the Couplings folder. These may be inserted into your rolling stock using the 'Correct Settings Manually' button in the Licenced version of Route-Riter. Make sure you read the 'About the Coupler Files.txt' file in the Couplings folder before use. v6.4.50B also includes a new DEFAULT folder containing DEFAULT.wag, by Otto and TurboBill - This must replace the Default.wag folder in the Trainset folder of ALL instances of MSTSbin you are using.
  • v6.4.50 - Includes several new coupling files and a read-me in the couplings folder. These new files are for use with the option to Correct Settings Manually in the .eng/.wag file editor. I also corrected an error which could occur when a Coupling () entry appears in Comments or under Lights. I have also removed the check for overlength filenames in .sd files - This did not cause any problems.
  • v6.4.49 - Added new button to 'By Donation' only version - In the .Eng/.Wag Files Editor have added 'Correct Settings Manually' which allows users to manually select which Coupling file to add to their selected rolling stock, rather than using the automated settings.
  • v6.4.46 - Fixed bug in the 'Correct' settings if there were extra brackets in the DerailRailForce line e.g. DerailRailForce ( "2.5m/(s^2)*64t" ) - this occurred in some Acela stock.
  • v6.4.45 - Fixed a bug in the above 6.4.44 in which I was not copying the new MSTSbin couplers into the .eng/.wag files
  • v6.4.44 - Now includes Coupling files for use with the MSTSbin upgrade for MSTS. These Coupling files will only work with the new .eng/.wag files editor introduced in v6.4.35 for those who have made a PayPal contribution to RR and have a valid licence. These files are based on Otto Wipfel's work on MSTSbin couplings and Ian Bowles work on MSTS couplings.
  • v6.4.43 - Altered the 'Replace Shapes in .W files' to include a Clear button so that after one shape has been replaced you can repeat the procedure to replace a 2nd or subsequent shapes.
  • Version 2.7 now includes options to compress all the .ACE/.S/.W files in a route which are currently uncompressed without effecting those which are already compressed.
  • V3.2 includes options to check Activities and to replace missing Consists and Rolling-Stock with items you have in your collection.
  • v3.5 includes new user interface with a Tabbed control, allowing more items to be included. There are also a lot of bug fixes in the Activities checking section. More features are expected to be included soon.
  • v3.5.1 Now includes 'Check .SD' button for Route authors, this will check all .sd files for the 'Alternative Texture' flag, and check the appropriate texture folders to see if anything is missing.
  • v3.5.9 Allows you to swap coupling type between Automatic and Chain on Rolling Stock. Furthermore brake system type can be altered to any valid type, e.g. change from Vacuum single pipe to Vacuum double pipe.

  • As well as allowing you to swap rolling-stock items within a consist, this version now allows you to add a Steam Locomotive AND a tender for a Diesel loco.
  • v3.5.11 Now includes Save as CSV on the Stock and Activity grids. This allows you to save the spread sheet as a Comma Delimited file. Such files may then be imported into programs such as MS Excel or Access.
  • v3.5.12 Allows you to delete or move Traffic files from the Unused Items form by selecting and then right-clicking to get a Pop-Up menu. I have also added a new button on the General Utilities form, Dir to Txt, this will allow you to send a directory to a text file, this has many uses, e.g. if you wish to add all the .ace files in a Terrtex folder to a batch file etc.
  • v3.5.15 I have now combined the routines needed to Compact a route on to a single button, furthermore there is no longer any need to click an OK button when each DOS operation closes.

  • v3.6.12 beta Has had a lot of new items added:-
    • Check .SD - Now correctly checks all necessary .ace files are in the relevant 'Seasons' folders for each shape.
    • Check .SD - Now checks Forest items for .ace files
    • Check .SD - Now checks Terrtex\Snow for any missin textures
    • Compress ACE - added to MSTS file utilities so that it can be used by model makers etc
    • Unicode Editor - added to MSTS file utilities.
    • Add LoadAllWaves - added to MSTS file utilities - adds this command to selected .sms files - see help file for details
    • Make .eng non-driveable - Makes a copy of the selected .eng file into an AI engine.
    • Count Objects - added to MSTS file utilities - Counts all shape/forest objects on each .w file in a route, prints report.
    • Dir to Text - added to general file utilities - Allows you to print or save a list of files in a selected folder (list may be filtered).
    • Set up .Env files - New option, sets up the full set of 12 .env files - see Help.
    • Edit Environment - Alters sunrise/set etc for the above 12 .env files to approx values for each season at Lat/Long of route.

  • v3.6.15 beta - Changed the print routine from vsview3 to vsprinter7 to work around a .dll conflict with Windows 98. The print screen has changed, but is similar to the original version.

  • v3.7.0 beta - Fixed some problems with the Activity Checking routines. Changed the routine which checks on Terrtex .ACE files which are being used.   Also added Improve Snow which backs up the routes Terrtex\Snow files and replaces them with a texture which looks more like real snow.

  • v3.7.7 - Cleaned up several items, now checks filename/date/time/size before adding to the installme.bat file.

  • v3.7.10 beta - A lot of internal changes. New feature to Check Route for missing .s/.ace/.sms/.wav files - run this before doing anything else. Also includes Martyn Griffin's utility to uncompress .T files.

  • v3.7.12 beta - Some bug fixes and small improvements

  • v3.7.16 - Fixed some more bugs with regard to .haz files and the missing editor.env files. Improved the Check Route function and combined it with the Check .SD option.

  • v3.7.18 - Now checks files using a CRC check before adding to the InstallMe.bat file.

  •  This version also includes an option which allows you to add your route to a .zip file (or several .zip files if required).
  • v3.7.20 - Saves screen size so that if you restart the program the screen will always be the same size. Also restarts with the previously selected Route still selected. New Language.txt files with this version, foreign language versions need these files.

  • v3.8.2 - New Language menu plus language files for French/Dutch/Danish/Spanish/Norwegian users. Also many internal changes which should reduce memory requirements during Activity checking operations.

  • v3.8.8 beta - Delete Shapes from all .W files, Copy shapes along with .SD and .ACE files from one route to another (includes update to .ref file). Change BlendATexDiff to BlendATex in .env files where they refer to water to stop water flashing. Better memory usage.

  • v3.8.10 beta - The uncompress .w and .t were found not to work under Windows 98se, this has been fixed and some other things altered. This package includes the language files which were inadvertently missed from the previous upload.

  • v3.8.11 beta - Fixed a bug in .SD file checking. Fixed a loop problem in Check Activities if a Service file was missing. Corrected the programs ability to substitute Consists which did not always work, depending on how the original Consist was named.

  • v3.8.12 beta - Fixed a bug in the Compact Route when compacting routes with accented letters in file names.

  • v3.8.16 beta - Fixed a bug in sound checking. Corrected checking of Terrtex\Snow files. Ignores invalid screen sizes saved in Registry settings.

  • v3.8.21 - Corrects .ref file when copying shapes from another route. Now allows the program to start if the User Selected start up version of MSTS is invalid, it now starts in the default route if this happens.

  • v3.8.22 - This version includes a new option 'Common Files' which allows you to copy all the shape/texture/terrtex/sound/environment files from the Default Routes to a Common Route folder (which may be on a CD-ROM). This will allow users to delete all the Default Routes from their PC, yet still be able to install third party routes which use installation batch files such as InstallMe.bat, EZStuff4.bat or Install.bat to copy files from the default routes into the downloaded routes. (This will cover the majority of routes available for download at this time).
  • v3.8.23 - As above, but now works correctly if you check a route while the Common Files are in use.
  • v3.8.27 - Now includes options to increase Coupling Break strength and to set up Unfitted, Handbrake only wagons as vacuum_piped so that they may be used in loose consists for shunting etc.
  • v3.8.29 - Fixed bug in the routine to convert Installme.bat etc to work with Common Files. Changed 'Copy' to 'Xcopy' in the installme.bat files to prevent an error with old versions of Winzip which did not automatically produce empty folders.

  • v3.8.30 - Changed Coupling Break fix to Coupling Damping Fix as this appears to be where the real problem with broken couplings stems from, i.e. the Coupling Damping units should be Newton/Metres/Second, not Newton/Metres as found on many wagons. Fixed start-up problem whereby Route_Riter did not start if Makeace.exe was missing - Now advises you where it is expecting Makeace to be and should indicate if there is an error in the Registry settings for MSTS.

  • v3.8.32 - Fixed 2 bugs in Consist Move option, and a bug in the check routine for Environment\Textures.

  • v3.8.40 - New options, Check a single activity - much quicker than checking all activities and gives much more detail of all associated Consists, Loose Consists etc. - Also an option to build an Update Patch to update an earlier version of a route to the latest version. Some bugs fixed and code optimized. New Help file and new version of WTokens.dat

  • v3.8.42 -  fixes bugs in 3.8.40/41 uploaded earlier this week, 40 would not compress/uncompress .S files correctly, sorry for error.

  • v3.8.44 - Check Route now advises if there is an error in the 'Shape' entry of a .SD file (The shape entry should be the same as the name of the .S file). A new layout of the Unused Services etc. screen has been implemented. Now shows a listing of all Unused Services, Traffic, Paths and Consists. Any of these may be deleted or saved to a SpareServices etc. folder.

  • v3.8.46 - Fixes a couple of bugs in 3.8.44 - Now either fixes or advises about files which are read-only and can not be deleted. so fixed a problem with the deleting/moving Services and Traffic files. Has also added a Move option to the Activities in the main Activity screen.

  • v 3.8.50 - Have done away with the KeepMe.txt file before authors use the Write .bat option, RR calculates the CRC of each file and compares this with the CRC of the Default files, so that only exact matches are included in the InstallMe.bat file. Also included new Help file (in full download only).

  • v3.8.51 - Fixed bug in the Check Individual Activity option which did not work until Check All Activities had been run first.

  • V4.0 is a fairly big rewrite of the original program. Does a better job of compacting routes and will zip a compacted route into from 1 to 5 parts with a single click.    v4 also Packages Activities into a .zip file and automatically adds a list of rolling-stock in use.  Now also checks/fixes faulty .sd files for rolling-stock.

  • v4.1.03 includes a few bug fixes (now correctly checks all activities when there are over approx 1200 paths) and some minor changes.

  • The main change is a completely new set of zip tools. RR will now zip up a route in multiple parts which are all the same size (apart from the last one which is the index). All you need to do is select a route after it has been prepared for distribution, click on Prepare Multiple Part and enter a figure for approx zip size, say 15 megs. The route is then split up into the appropriate number of parts with files named:-
    This naming convention works OK with WinZip 8 and later, and should work with PKZip as well. Unzipping the file actually unzips the whole archive. The program supports relative paths, therefore the files are held in the archive as Blue-Mountains\Shapes etc. and everything is just unzipped into your Train Simulator\Routes folder for correct placement.

    In the General Utils section there is a program MyZipp which will unzip the above if you do not have Winzip 8.

  • v4.1.5 - New option under MSTS Utils - 'Make all MSTS files Read/Write' - This fixes files which have been restored from a CD and are shown as Read Only. A new Help file is enclosed, and please note that use of Route-Riter to produce Commercial/Payware programs now requires that the author receives a copy of the route once it is available for distribution.

  • v4.1.9 - Bug fixed in the Check Route/Compact Route sections, I discovered that RR was not checking for custom .sms files in the ttype.dat file. This is a temporary fix before v4.2 is released within the next few weeks.

  • Version 4.2 includes Martyn Griffin's compress/uncompress routines for .s/.w/.t files.  While this version looks similar to previous versions, it is very different "under the bonnet".   It can pack a route in multiple zip files all with correct paths, unzip into MSTS\Routes. This version includes Sniper's Stuffitpack, enabling route builders to set up a full set of shapes / textures for their new route.

  • v4.2.1 - There was a bug in the 'Edit Unicode' option whereby files edited in the Unicode editor were actually saved as ASCII, this is fixed. Have also placed a box on the screen to display which file is being processed during Route Checking and Compacting after some users complained that without the DOS boxes being open they did not know what was hapening.

  • v4.2.05 - Adds correct 'Tool-Tips' to the buttons when you move the mouse over them. Fixes a bug when RR is used with a European version of Windows where the decimal point was changed to a comma during uncompression of .W and .S files.

  • v4.2.09 - Corrected further problems with v4.2 when used in non-English speaking versions of Windows. Also changed the "Check Activities"  options to accept .CON files modified by "Activity Analyser" which have incorrect end of line characters.  "Check Activities" also fixes a problem with rolling stock with multiple spaces in filenames.

  • v4.2.10 - Fixed a further error in Check Activities if there were certain combinations of brackets in stock file or folder names.

  • v4.2.12 - Fixed a further error in Check Activities if there were certain combinations of brackets in stock file or folder names, as well as fixing all known problems with non-English versions of Windows.

  • v4.2.14 - MakePatch has been enhanced to correctly delete the Patch folder once the new version has been installed on either Win 98, XP or 2000 machines. This option now also automatically writes a 'How To Install' document in the same folder as it writes the new Patch folder. This document should be included in the root of your .zip archive so that users can read this document before attempting to run the Patch.

  • v4.2.15 - Check Route changed to cover Speedpost entries with temporary warning signs.

  • v4.2.19 - Fixed bug when compressing All .W files in a route. Adds option to replace all instances of a Shape file in the .W files of a route with another Shape, e.g. when you wish to replace one gantry type with another.  Also includes a single button click to add all the Default Shape/Texture/Terrain files to a new route, and to make a .ref file for the route.

  • v4.2.20 - Packing activities now also includes any .asv files associated with the activity. Change coupling type now accepts incorrect entries such as Type (Automatic without a space between the bracket and 'Automatic'. Check Consists now reports any consists in which the TrainCfg ( entry does not match the consist file name.

  • vv4.2.25 - Much improved InstallMe.bat now produced by doing two passes through the Textures folders to remove any duplicate textures in the Seasonal folders. Also have added a new button 'Copy .ace no Alpha' to the Misc. screen, this copies all ace files in the selected folder which do not have alpha channels to a temporary folder. They may then be compressed to DXT1 format (using a 3rd party utility such as Convim or TGATools2), then copied back to Textures thus saving more space.

  • v4.2.28 - Fixes a couple of small bugs I found in v4.2.25, new Help files enclosed.

  • v4.2.29 - New feature, 'List .ace file types' Produces a list of all selected .ace files along with their file types, e.g. myace.ace - 32 bit - This allows you to quickly see which files will benefit from being converted to DXT1 and so reduce the size of your route for upload purposes.

  • v4.2.30 - Fixes a bug where the .ref file produced by the Compact Route function was in ASCII rather than Unicode format.
  • v4.2.46 - Fixed a problem whereby RR did not look for graphics files in the correct System folder on WINNT systems. Added a new button 'Duplicate a route with a new name' under MSTS Utilities - This allows you to duplicate e.g. Myroute1 as Myroute2 and copies all the files in the original route to a new folder, Myroute2, renaming all the required files such as Myroute1.ref to Myroute2.ref - Also allows change of Route Display Name where this is different. This is useful for route builders as it allows them to make a new copy of their route before running the Compact Route option and deleting shapes/textures which might be required for future versions of a route.

  • v4.2.47 - Now includes Paul Gausden's SView.exe to allow you to view any .s file within Route-Riter - See ReadMe.txt for installation instructions and new Help file for instructions on using this routine. My thanks go to Paul for his excellent work on this new viewer.

  • v4.2.48 - This is a bug fix - Fixes problems in 'Check Route' and 'Compact Route' where some Sound files were not checked for and could be omitted from a route.

  • v4.2.49 - New option - 'List all Filtered Files' under the Graphics tab. Select a folder in RR, say Trainsim and enter a filter in the left hand filter box, e.g. AU*.s and all shape files in the Trainsim folders beginning with AU.... will be listed. You can then select them all or select some of them, and view them in SView.exe - With careful use of the filter, you can then view any blocks of rolling stock you wish (or every single item if so inclined).

  • v4.2.55 - New Option - "Make unpowered Locomotive". Makes an unpowered version of the selected .eng files. e.g. Selecting Scotsman.eng will copy it as $Scotsman.eng in the same folder. This $Scotsman.eng  can then be placed in consists as a 'broken down' locomotive, and shunted around yards with another loco etc. In the case of  Diesel and Electric locos, they are converted to unpowered wagons, once again with the $ prefix, e.g.  47002.eng will be copied as $47002.wag - Unpowered versions have no lights or steam/smoke effects, and no motor/engine sounds.

  • Note: The Steamers had to remain as .eng files for their animated wheels/connecting rods to work.
  • v4.2.56 - Improved version of 4.2.55 with some improvements suggested by Bob Latimer.

  • v4.2.57 - Improved version of 4.2.55 with some bugs fixed, thanks to David Forrest.

  • v4.2.58 - Improves the 'List all Filtered Files' option -
    • Now includes a check box under the List all filtered files button, if unchecked, then Cabview folders are not included in the search as usually you would not be wishing to view shapes/textures in the Cabview folders.
    • Added new buttons to the list of found files which allow users to Compress all selected .s files or to Convert all selected .ace files to DXT1 format.
  • v4.2.59 - Fixes bug in Filtered Files option, The tick was wrong in the Cabviews option above, and program now fixed to advise if a compressed DXT1 file can not be produced.

  • v4.2.60 - Fixes another bug :-(

  • v4.2.61 - This patch fixes a bug in that "Duplicate a Route" option would only work if Route-Riter and the Route in question are on the same drive.

  • v4.2.62 - Now removes CabView from unpowered steam locomotives.

  • v5.0.08 - Beta of substantially re-written version of Route-Riter. All the English text has now been moved into the Lang_English.txt file, so that foreign users of the program can build better foreign language versions.  A full German translation (Lang_Deutsch.txt) is included along with the partial translations previously provided in Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian.  It will be appreciated if anyone can translate fully or partially the other files which are partly in say Spanish and partly in English. New language files may be named e.g. Lang_Italian.txt in which case the word 'Italian' will appear in the Languages menu.

  • v5.0.20 - Virtual re-write of the program with all the English text now in Lang_English.txt - Full German and Spanish translations are also included. Also includes a lot of small bug fixes included while undertaking the translations.

  • v5.0.23 - Now includes Paul Gausden's Shape File Viewer v1 and its help file. More bugs fixed. Duplicate route now corrects RouteID within .act files. Check Rolling-stock now checks FreightAnim entries in .eng files (Not .wag files yet).

  • v5.0.24 - Fixes bug where there was a missing '\' on some lines in the InstallMe.bat file

  • v5.0.28 - Fixes bugs in the Check Activities area where the Reports were OK, but extra files were shown under Missing.

  • Other change is the button on the front screen Compress .ACE is now Compress .ACE to DXT1 - This will convert all .ace files in a route to DXT1 format. This is much more compact, but causes a very small number of files to render poorly, so it is suggested you backup the route first before using this one, then any textures which do not come out correctly can be returned to their original state. This option does not alter track textures, but may give poor results on things like transfers used to paint mountain streams etc. Most other things are OK.
  • v5.0.29 - Fixes two bugs in the Duplicate Route option which did not work correctly if the route did not have an Activities folder, or if it had a space in the route name.

  • v5.0.31 - New frame around buttons at top of main screen, makes screen resizing work better. New button there, '*' which shows all files in a directory (equivalent to entering *.* in the filter box. If TGATool2.exe is placed in the Route_Riter folder, then a new button appears on the Graphics TAB allowing you to run TGATools2 from within Route_Riter in the same manner as Shape File Viewer and TView.

  • v5.0.35 - Now includes a built in version of Shape File Viewer, a .Ref file editor and a Consist viewer along with some bug fixes.

  • v5.0.36 - Fixed a few problems with the Shape and Consist viewers, now allows viewing of several consists, one after the other.

  • v5.0.40 - Inbuilt Shape Viewer by Paul Gausden (now with animations). ACE to DXT1 compression of multiple files. Zlib compression of DXT1 files giving smaller installed size. Full color consist viewer. Many bug fixes. New 'List all Filtered files' allows you to list all .s files in Trainset folder and view them in Shape Viewer or view all .ace files etc

  • v5.0.43 - Fixed a few problems with the checking of rolling-stock.

  • v5.0.44 - Fixed resizing of main screen and RefEditor screens. Corrected some multi-language text files.

  • v5.0.49 - Fixed a lot of bugs including - Error 380 when screen was minimized. Now reports if .ref file is ASCII before opening it in the editor. Fixed many incorrect reports when checking rolling-stock.

  • v5.0.51 - Fixes a bug where brackets in file names caused loss of some textures. Or gave spurious error messages.

  • v5.0.53 - Fixes a number of bugs, and improves a lot of Reports, especially with regard to Activity checking. Missing Paths, Services etc are now correctly shown. Abort buttons now appear for several options which take a long time to complete (Check Route etc), these may take a while to terminate after clicking the Abort button depending on when it is clicked.

  • v5.0.55 - Added button to MSTS Utils whereby selecting a .S file, you can display any .ACE files used by the shape. This is a complete new version, check the read-me for extra .dlls from Martin Wright's site which will add functions. New feature will allow you to convert all .ace files in a route to DXT1 format then compress them even further using new code from Paul Gausden. Also now has Paul Gausden's Shape File viewer .ocx built in. Also includes .Ref file editor which also allows sorting all your Classes into more meaningful titles.

  • v5.0.57 - Following more assistance from Paul Gausden, I have improved the 'Convert Selected Files to DXT1' option so that it automatically ignores any 32 bit .ACE files, these are not suitable for conversion to DXT1. List ACE Types now gives full details of each selected .ace file including size and file typed.

  • v5.0.58 - Removed the Convert .ace to DXT1 button from main screen as this did not work correctly under all operating systems. Use 'Convert Selected Files to DXT1' on the Graphics TAB instead.

  • v5.0.59 - Fixed the 'Convert .Ace to DXT1' button on main screen, now works correctly and converts all .ace files in the selected route apart from 32 bit and 1024*1024 files. Fixed the 'Fix Coupler Units' option on the Stock screen, it only fixed the first Coupler type in Locomotives with say Bar and Automatic couplers.

  • v5.1.00 - Major update New features:-
    • Backup Route - For route authors, backs up World/Tile/TD/Root folders of route you are working on into dated folder.
    • Trainset button - Right click on the Con button on main screen will bring up the Trainset folder
    • Print/Save Pictures of .S files - Go to the Graphics tab, then select any folder, e.g. Trainset\Scotsman - Click S to filter for .S files - Click List Filtered Files - Select All - Click Print/Save Pictures of .S files - You will be asked to select a folder to save to, then .bmp pictures of all selected .s files will be saved and also displayed ready for printing in a document, 6 pictures per page. This document can be saved or printed.
    • Note: No new help or language files for v5.1.00 as still testing.

  • v5.2.12 - As with v5.1.00 but bugs fixed and various options streamlined - New Language and Help files and new version of SView v1.2 included as SViewRR.exe which should be placed in the Route_Riter folder. Users with SView v1.2 may copy the various .jpg and .bmp files from the SView folder into the RR folder to obtain all the SView options within RR.
  • v5.2.15 - Several bug fixes for v5.2.12 - Thanks to Otto for pointing these out - Fixes several graphics options with the graphics file viewers, Slideshow now shows .jpg files as well as .bmp. Also includes updated French, German and Spanish text files.
  • v5.2.16 - New mwace.dll/mwacevb.dll from Martin Wright, these fix problem when trying to compress .ace files less than 64*64. Also fixes a problem with Terrtex Snow missing textures. A new Spanish Help file by Javier Torres is now available.
  • v5.2.17 - Fixes a problem where Route_Riter was causing an error in the SView.exe Registry entry. This placed an invalid path in the registry and stopped SView from saving pictures. (Sorry Paul...)

  • v5.2.21 - Includes a new version of Paul's trainlib.ocx, this is the one used by SView.exe v1.3 - SViewRR.exe has been recompiled to default to saving screenshots as .jpg files.
  • v5.2.27 - Fixes some problems with missing snow textures for items in the Global\Shapes folder. Added a 'No to All' button on some dialogs. Changed the .env file update so that BlendATexDiff is only changed to BlendATex on the topmost water level to stop 'flashing water' problems, this new change stops water looking like Toxic Waste in moonlight. Buttons now disabled during options which take a considerable time to run.
  • v5.2.28 - Fixes a bug where some Terrtex\Snow textures were omitted from the InstallMe.bat file.
  • v5.2.29 - Fixed a bug where Night textures were missed on shapes with more than 10 ace files (this did not happen very often :-) ).
  • v5.2.30 - Fixed a new bug introduced in last version whereby the Check Consists button became inactive. Sorry.
  • v5.2.31 - Fixes a problem when resizing the report screen.
  • V5.2.34 - Improved the Route Backup option, you only need to point to say c:\MSTS_Backups and the program does the rest. Fixed a bug when resizing the Report form and closed a file before deleting shapes from .W files.
  • v5.2.36 - New version, check the read-me for extra .dlls from Martin Wright's site which will add functions. New feature will allow you to convert all .ace files in a route to DXT1 format then compress them even further using new code from Paul Gausden. Now has custom version of Paul Gausden's Shape File viewer v1.2 ocx built in.

    Includes .Ref file editor which also allows sorting all your Classes into more meaningful titles.

    Route Backup option for route Authors now included (saves World/Tiles/TD and root folders of route in a dated/timed folder with a single click).

    Under List all Filtered Files you can now save .jpg pictures of all selected shape files, new version does not run out of memory.

    Corrects a serious problem in 'Delete Selected Shape from .W Files' - Under certain conditions it was possible for RR to delete not only the Selected Shape, but also the following one - If this was a track section it would of course be very serious.

  • v5.2.37 - Fixes a problem where the Check/Fix Rolling-Stock option went into a loop if it could not open a Common.Crew file.
  • v5.2.38 - Alters Make Read/Write to include Lo_tiles and Td folders.
  • v5.2.40 - Fixes a few bugs - Make AI and Unpowered Locos now works with .eng files which are very long (over 32kbytes). Fixes problems when deleting shapes in .W files (now allows you to select a second and further shapes to delete without starting all over again). Fixes issue with 'List all instances of a Shape' whereby if this was used more than once, the reports were appended to each other. Also fixed a Runtime error 400 in Check selected Activities which occurs if several consists are missing from the one activity.
  • v5.2.41 - Correctly displays Consists where the Flip() statement is misplaced.
  • v5.2.42 - Fixed the option in 'Check Route' to replace a missing .s file with the same file from a default route so that it also replaces the appropriate .sd file as well.
  • v5.2.43 - Added a new button to produce a .ref file for the selected route where no .ref is provided. This button makes no other changes to the Route apart from providing the .ref file.
  • v5.2.47 - Fixed Filters so that invalid characters are not allowed. Filters no longer change when Tabs are moved. FIxed 'Make AI engine' to avoid a problem with certain Comment lines.
  • v5.2.48 - Fixes a problem in 'Compact route' whereby some Seasonal Textures were inadvertently deleted.
  • v5.2.50 - Fixes a problem using some options (SView, Make new Route etc) when Route-Riter was on a different drive to MSTS. Fixed some Installme.bat files which did not have quotes around a filename which included '&'. Added new Engine types to the Check Rolling Stock screen, Now shows as:-
    Engine S - Steam Engine
    Engine S* - Steam Engine - requires Tender
    Engine D - Diesel Engine
    Engine E - Electric Loco.
  • v5.2.51 - Should now correctly run all batch files, even when Route-Riter is on a different drive to MSTS. Will now Check and Compact routes which have Aliased track sections in the World files.
  • v5.2.52 - Fixed 'Compress S, T & W' where the compressed file's target folder was not the s ame as the source folder, but nevertheless already had a copy of the .s file in it.
  • Version 6.0.0 BETA: Major rewrite and upgrade
      'Check Route' now looks through all installed routes (including those saved with Trainstore) for missing files, and if it finds a file with the same name as a missing file, will substitute it if requested.

    • MakeAce has been replaced with AceIt by Scott Miller (an AceIt help file is included). This file has the same options as MakeAce, along with several improvements including the ability to handle 1024*1024 files, and to add mip-maps to texture files.

    • TGATools2a is included with this package - This is a replacement for TGATools2 which works with the above AceIt rather than MakeAce, kindly supplied by Martin Wright.

    • TsUtils by Carl-Heinz is also included in this package. This is a suite of Java utilities for MSTS and I have added options in Route-Riter to enable use of some of the utilities. Your system should have a Java Runtime Environment installed before installing this version of Route-Riter - You can download one from site - Click on the Get It NOw button and it will be automatically installed on your system (if Java is already installed, you will be sent to a screen which says 'Java Software Installed')

    • TsUtils are placed in the Route_Riter\TsUtil folder, and there are help files in English and German in that folder. See TSUTils_English.txt for descriptions of the utilities included, most of these have been reduced to a single button entry in Route_Riter.

      Most useful of these are:-

      a. Route Integrity Check - This option checks items such as the local tsection.dat, route.tdb and .rdb files etc for errors, and some cases offers suggestions for corrections. (This option should always be run before any of the other options are run, as if errors are found then the other options may fail)

      b. Move a route - This option will move a route by a given number of squares east/west and north/south - e.g. to avoid the great white void error

      c. Change a route's altitude

      Other options are fairly technical but can be used to update local tsection.dat files against a new global tsection.dat etc


    • Please direct any queries about any of the above programs to me, as they have all been included as a courtesy by their authors, and I do not wish to add to their workload by involving them in a lot of emails. If there is something I can not answer, then I will pass the query to the appropriate person.

  • V6.0.1 beta update:
    • A bug in the 'Copy Shape to another Route' option has been fixed.
    • The .REF file editor now has a 'Delete Duplicates' option to clean up your .ref file.
    • The .REF file editor now accepts .ref files which are in ASCII format
    • Route_Riter6 now has a separate registry entry to earlier versions, so MSTS paths etc saved in one version do not change the other version.
  • v6.0.02 beta update - Fixes a bug (probably in all earlier versions, whereby if a route name had brackets in it, then the Check Route and 'Duplicate Route with new Name' options did not work correctly.
  • v6.0.05 - New options -
    • 'Replace Forest Textures in .W files' will change all instances of a forest.ace file with another one.
    • 'Quick Consist Check' - Checks consists for missing rolling-stock (does not check Loose Consists)

    • Note: Quick Consist Check and 'Check/Fix Rolling Stock' now require you to select a TRAINS folder - this allows you to check Multiple Trains folders.
  • v6.0.06 - New options -
    • Now uses Okrasa Ghia's new .dlls for compressing/uncompressing files so is faster.
    • Correct Names in .eng files - Fixes name case errors reported by Conbuilder
    • Fix Loco Sounds - Corrects file alias errors (Conbuilder often reports thousands of such errors)
      Hear your MSTS rolling stock as the builders intended (but failed to deliver).

    Instructions for using these features are in the 'Route_Riter6.txt file - Read it before installing.

    RR now requires that the Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1 or later be installed on your PC before it will run.

  • v6.0.07 - v6.0.06 could lock up if a .sms file was in ASCII rather than Unicode format - New version automatically checks for Unicode and converts to unicode if necessary before doing any processing.
  • v6.0.08 - There was a line missing from the TsUtils - Check Route Integrity option.
  • v6.0.09 - Note: There was a serious bug in v6.0.06 thru 6.0.08 where SD402 sounds were aliased to the SD40\Sound folder - There is no SD40 sound folder - sorry for that.
  • v6.1.00 - A problem was discovered with the compress/uncompress .dll which precluded it running on other people's PCs. This is the same as 6.0.09, but with the old compress/uncompress routines re-instated, and a couple of fixes to the Sound checking.
  • v6.1.11 - As above, but with a new version of Okrasa Ghia's .dll files ( The previous ones did not work on many systems.) and a new version of TsUtils.
  • v6.1.14 - Fixed some small bugs and added a method to insert a blank line into .sd files as recommended by Joe Smith to overcome a problem with Windows XP SP2.
  • v6.1.15 - Includes new .dlls which allow the program to read the .T files directly, thus speeding up Check route etc.
  • v6.1.16 - Fixes some anomalies with the Loco Sound checking options.
  • v6.1.22 - New .dll which does not lock up on faulty .S files, maintains quotes in .W files around the names of .S files which include space characters. Fixes the Activities checker so that it only looks at the main Activities folder for each route (gave problems if there were sub-folders in an Activities folder which were also named 'Activities').
  • v6.1.26 - This archive includes new help files. Several bugs fixed, now includes options under the Activities/Stock tab to fix Case errors in ENG/WAG/CON/ACT/SRV files which have been found to cause problems in some Activities, particularly under windows xp sp2.
  • v6.1.33 - The program now appears pretty stable, so I am releasing v6.1.33 as a full version (previous v6 was in beta) as well as this upgrade patch. Reported bugs now fixed, and a lot of speed added to things like Check all Activities.
  • v6.1.35 - Fixes a bug in the Activity Checking and in the .SMS fix routine. New button on the front screen will list all Track/road sections used in a route.
  • v6.1.38 - Fixes bugs in the 'Fix .con', 'Fix .sd' and 'Fix .eng' options.
  • v6.1.46 - Cleaned up a lot of new code and fixed a couple more bugs - Added button to Activities Grid to enable you to view only those items with Errors to save you having to scroll through the whole grid.
  • v6.1.47 - Fixed a bug where shapes with a type of CollideObject were inadvertently deleted during a Route Compact. Also fixed some Snow textures which were deleted in error.
  • v6.1.49 - Fixed checking of Hazard objects while checking and compacting routes. Also fixed Copying of objects from one route to another. Fixes a problem while using the Route Integrity Check whereby if a shape file had spaces in the file name, it ended up in two sets of quotes in the .W file.
  • v6.1.50 - Improved the operation of the Write .Bat option.
  • v6.1.51 - New option 'Count objects in World tiles' - Select a route, then a .W file within that route, and RR will display a report showing how many shapes/textures/terrain files etc are loaded when that tile is entered. This includes the selected tile and the 8 adjacent tiles. In the report the tiles are listed 1 thru 9 with tile 5 being the centre tile which you selected. Totals for each tile are listed separately, and all shapes and track sections are listed.
  • v6.1.52 - Fixed a bug in Check Route where certain types of Hazards occurred.
  • v6.1.54 - Fixed the 'Count objects in World Tiles' button to force user to select a Route before using this option. Removed a redundant button from the Stock Grid, there is no longer any need to select files to fix the Damper settings, as Check/Fix Rolling Stock does this automatically.
  • v6.1.56 - Corrected an error in the Count objects in World Tiles, I had miscalculated the position of some tiles:-) - Added drop down lists to Classes, Shadows, Types in the .ref file editor. Fixed error 424 on Quick Consist Checks.
  • v6.1.57 - Corrected checking of carspawner entries in Check and Compact route options. The .sd files for cars in the carspawner are not required, but of course are required for cars used as static objects in carparks etc. Sometimes the .sd file was deleted in error.
  • v6.1.58 - A major patch, this includes a new version of TsUtils by Carl-Heinz Rive, and a new version of TK.MSTS.tokens.dll by Okrasa Ghia as well as new options for setting up MSTS MIni-Routes as described by Otto Wipfel on, an updated Help file is included.
  • v6.1.60 - Fixes a bad bug which could cause corruption of Consists following a 'Fix .con files' operation - Only appears to have happened if you ran the 'Fix .sms files' operation first. Another new TsUtils version is included. The 'Route Integrity Check' has been greatly enhanced to check Activities as well. There is a new Filters option in TsUtils which I have not yet merged into Route-Riter but which can be used used to unmark tiles as populated, which have no tile- or world-file. (*.t, *_y.raw, *.w) - See the text files in the TsUtils folder for more information.
  • v6.1.63 - A couple of misc buttons, one of which backs up the .eng/.wag/.sd files in your Trainset folder (the ones you might be editing). The other button raises the lower bounding box setting in rolling-stock .sd files to a value of 0.9 - This allows rolling-stock to clear level-crossings etc which has been found to cause derailments in some routes.
  • v6.1.67 - Fixes a couple of bugs, one where reading a .t file locks up, and one where an Error 450 in Check all Activities might cause a lock up. Also fixed a problem when making AI Locomotives where an extra ')' was left in the .eng file.
  • v6.1.70 - Fixes a problem when checking/compacting certain sigcfg.dat files with non-standard layouts. Removed an extra bracket from 'Dead Loco' files.
  • v6.1.79 - Rewrites the Check/Compact Route options by adding a lot of extra debug code so that more meaningful error messages are given. Please send me copies of any errors received which appear to be program errors, including a screen print where possible. Several bugs in these options have been fixed.
  • v6.1.80 - More reported errors fixed.
  • v6.1.82 - After a lot of help from beta testers, this version should have fixed most problems.
  • v6.1.85 - Fixed Check Route to compare Envfiles with the route's .trk file. Fixed checking of textures for files in the Global\Shapes folder. Fixed error reporting of faulty .s files. Fixed the Fix .srv files to improve operation.
  • v6.1.86 - Fixed 'Count objects in World File', Improved List Unused Rolling-stock, this list can now be printed or saved as a csv file.
  • 6.1.87 - Fixed a bug in the 'Fix .srv Files' module whereby if a consist was missing, then it would be replaced with the name of the last existing consist. This might not be noticed as the activity would probably run OK, albeit with the wrong rolling stock.
  • v6.1.91 - Added the option to save lists of unused files (srv/con/tfc/pat) in the 'Unused Services/Consists' option. Fixed a problem when checking certain BATS .eng files which were extremely long. Fixed a problem when a user had over 50 locos with common.crews installed.
  • v6.1.99 - Cleaned up a bit more code and placed some more informative help messages. Fixed error in Check all Activities whereby the Player Service was not being shown. Fixed Compact Route where there were aliased shape files in .W files.
  • v6.1.109 - Fixes a lot of problems with 'Check all Activities' which occur under Windows 98se but not under Windows XP SP2. Fixed a lot of the Fix .sms files option problems. Fix .eng files now adds quotes around Sound entries if they are missing. Added link to my site from the Help menu.
  • v6.2.00 - VIrtually the same as v6.1.109 (but in a full-release package) with a couple of small bug fixes. Included with this version is TsUtils v3.1 which includes an option to merge two MSTS routes.
  • v6.2.10 - Fixed an error I introduced into the 'Check\Fix Rolling-Stock' option while rushing to get v6.2 out. Sorry.
  • v6.2.15 - Improves the file requester in the Write .bat option and cleans up a few errors.
  • v6.2.16 - Removes the part of Check Routes which also checked the case of .sd files, this did not work correctly. To fix the case of .sd files, please use the 'Fix .sd files' option. This version is available as a full release.
  • v6.2.18 - Fixes the Package Activity option. Fixes a problem with the 'Fix .eng files' whereby changes could be made to the comments at the end of the file. Corrected a message box on Compress .W files which displayed as 'Compress .S files'.
  • v6.2.22 - Fixes problem in 'Check Route' where .sms/.wav files could be reported missing if several routes were checked consecutively. Also fixed 'Error 9 in GetLooseConsists' where routes were saved using TrainStore.
  • v6.2.23 - Fixed an error which could occur if Fix .act files was run immediately after Fix .con files.
  • v6.2.26 - Fixed the Internet Browser page under Help\Check for updates option. Corrected a bug which deleted ingame.sms while compacting a route.
  • v6.2.27- Added new Misc button 'Fix Bad .S File Format' to re-save .S files which have been incorrectly compressed. Also improved Check Route so that .sd files in the Route's Shapes folder with an ESD_Alternative_Texture entry of '2' are automatically changed to '1' - '2' is only valid for shapes in the Global\Shapes folder.

    This patch also includes a new version of TsUtils which cleans up some bugs and some messages which were still in the German language: hence there is no EXE file-only update.

  • v6.2.29 - Fixed some instances in 'Check Route' where the last file (alphabetically) in a file type might not be checked (e.g. the last forest item or last transfer)
  • v6.2.30 - Added feature to 'Quick Consist Check' to automatically change any .CON file discovered to be in ASCII to Unicode format. Fixed an error in both 'Consist Check' and 'Quick consist Check' which added the last locomotive in the list (alphabetically) to each consist - Strange no one noticed this?
  • v6.2.32 - Fixed a couple of obscure problems, one in the Common Files routines and one which caused a problem if certain words occurred in a route's .trk file. This stopped RR from checking the Chicago Great Western railroad.
  • v6.2.34 - Adds the ability to select any Terrtex\Snow texture for the 'Make Deep Snow' option. Fixes some bad .sms files which had an extra set of quotes before a File name. Fixes a bug in Compact Route where there might be a blank .ace texture name.
  • v6.2.39 - Fixes a few small bugs, includes an updated version of TsUTils with some problems with the Merge function now fixed.
  • v6.2.42 - Includes Italian language file thanks to Luigi Fenza. Fixed a couple of bugs in the Make .ref file option and corrected an error in the Make Backup box.
  • v6.2.43 - Fixed a problem with mini-Routes. Fixed the 'Setup new route' option to ensure it copied the contents of the Stuffit folder, no matter which drive Route-Riter was on. Some cosmetic changes.
  • v6.2.44 - Cleared the report form between iterations of "Check Selected Activity".
  • v6.2.46 - Fixed some problems in Check Route in European language versions of the program. Added a new button to build route-specific tsection.dat files for use with Train-Store.
  • v6.2.48 - Improved the above option to provide route-specific tsection.dat files. Also improved the 'Make tsection.dat' option to remove _Info lines to further reduce the size of the Global\tsection.dat file
  • v6.2.49 - I have changed the program layout. Mini-Routes now have their own tab. The Environment and Common File tabs have gone, and their contents have been placed on the Misc. Options tab. This tab now includes a converter to convert Lat/long and/or world file coordinates into a .T file address. Just enter the Long/Lat (in decimal format) into their respective boxes, or the .w file coordinates say as -1033 13128 and click on Calculate.
  • v6.2.51 - I have fixed a bug in the 'Fix .Eng' option whereby it was possible for the WagonShape entry to be accidently deleted from an .eng file. The Fix .sms option has been improved, it fixed automatically around 80 percent of 500 bad .sms files on a test system. The MSTS Path option on the Files menu has been improved so that invalid paths can no longer be input.
  • v6.2.53 - Includes a new option to Activate/Deactivate Routes in MSTS. This works similarly to the program 'Routes on/off' but works on systems with multiple installations of MSTS. Deactivating a route simply renames the route's .trk file (e.g. Europe1.trk to Reactivating it turns the route back on. This makes MSTS load much faster. Using this option will also show which routes are on/off, and for users of Train-Store this will indicate which are probably in store (but will not unstore them for you).
  • v6.2.55 - New options, 'Fix .CVF files' to fix bad CabView entries. And a new option on the Unicode Editor screen to automatically insert Sound and CabView aliases into .ENG files - You should also download the new Help file to find out how these work.
  • v6.2.56 - Changed the Activate/Deactivate option to display Route Name only without the paths as they did not display properly on smaller resolution screens. Also includes a new version of TsUtils with a few bugs fixed.
  • v6.2.58 - Adds an option for Windows XP with NTFS users ONLY to set up a common folder for all Textures/Shapes.
  • v6.2.59 - Realigns the S and C buttons on the report form, Clicking these now automatically searches an .eng file for the Sound or Cab entries respectively. The Common folder option above is now changed. The first button now gives users the option to copy all the Shapes/Textures/Sound files in a route to a Common Folder, while the second button now replaces all files, where possible, with a hard-link. See the instructions enclosed with ZIP or click here to read instructions online
  • v6.2.60 - Replaces the Xcopy command in the Copy files to common file option with the VB Filecopy command. This allows me to check if the file already exists in the Common folder and does not overwrite it. Also cleaned the code up.
  • v6.2.63 - Added buttons to delete unlinked files from the Common Files folder, and to show how many files are linked both in the Common folder, and in a Route folder.
  • v6.2.64 - Fixed a few bugs in the buttons which listed unlinked files, now gives a count of files in the Common folder.
  • v6.2.74 includes
    • a new option to Activate/Deactivate Routes in MSTS. This works similarly to the program 'Routes on/off' but works on systems with multiple installations of MSTS;
    • an option to Fix .CVF Files;
    • an option on the Edit Unicode screen to automatically alias Sound and Cabviews - Suggest you download the latest RR help file for further details;
    • New to this version are:-
      • Activities/Stock - new button 'List Stock for Selected Consists' Self explanatory, select consist(s) and click this button and you will get a list of all the stock required for the consists selected. (Click the remove duplicates button so that just one of each item is listed). List may be printed or saved.
      • MSTS file Utils - The Zero Error Bias has been altered to 'Normalise .T ErrorBias' - This button changes the Terrain Error Bias entries in the selected route to the value you enter in the Box. The value in the .trk file is now changed as well, I missed this in the earlier version.
  • v6.2.75 - Fixes a possible error in the .trk file produced when the 'Duplicate Route with a new Name' option was used (sometimes an extra set of quotes was added around a filename rendering the route unusable). Also includes a new version of TsUtils, thanks to Carl-Heinz. This latest version is much faster on the Check Route Integrity. MAKE SURE YOU DELETE THE OLD TSUTIL FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW ONE.
  • v6.2.82 - Fixes some small bugs. Allows MOVE as well as delete under Compact Route and Delete Raw options. New option to remove animation entries from rolling-stock prepared with TSM. See the new HELP file regarding this. There are new versions of TK.MSTS.Tokens and TsUtils with this version, the old versions MUST be removed before installing the new ones. This version now reads compressed .S files which have encrypted headings (mainly of Chinese origin), so that routes using them may now be checked OK.
    This one also fixes a bug in the option to remove animations where the report screen was not always cleared between operations.
  • v6.2.88 - As 81/82 above, but fixes two bugs reported in the 'Fix .sd files' option which could impact on Conbuilder.
  • v6.2.90 - Main screen now shows the path of MSTS which Route-Riter has currently selected, along with selected Route if any. I have also added a button to the .REF File Editor to allow you to print out the grid.
  • v6.2.92 - Adds new options to change the Registry path for MSTS, allowing direct installation of Activites from .apk files into other instances of MSTS, e.g. mini-routes. This also allows RailDriver to be used on any mini-route. New buttons added to automatically modify .eng files so that they work with Raildriver. (Note this a beta option and should be tested thoroughly).
  • v6.2.98 - Since I posted v6.2.92 I have received a lot of help from Peter Cunningham who has already produced a lot of .eng files for Raildriver and which are available on the RailDriver. Between us we have managed to produce a version of RR which is capable of modifying approx 98pct of all .eng files in Raildriver format. Please download both this update and the new HELP file if you are a RailDriver user. Only Raildriver content has changed in this update.
  • v6.3.00 - As above 6.2.92, plus - New button on the List Filtered files form which allows you to change files which RR has backed up with .SX and .ENX extensions back to .S and .ENG respectively. Have fixed some errors in both the Compact Route and Ref File Editor where errors occurred if the .ref file had entries like 'Static(' instead of the syntax used by Kuju, i.e. 'Static (' - if the space was omitted, RR did not handle these correctly. Fixed a bug whereby Traffic files had disappeared from the Check all Activities\Unused items grid.
  • v6.3.10 - Full Install and Update Version: Fixed a bug where a couple of earlier options had somehow got broken. Check Rolling Stock now correctly checks for missing FreightAnim entries. Check all Activities\Unused now displays unused Traffic items once more.
  • v6.3.14 - At the request of the Australian team-ALCO members, I have amended the Check Rolling Stock option to add an extra three columns to the 'Rolling Stock Name' screen, namely, 'Front Coupling', 'Rear Rigid' and 'Front Rigid'. By selecting a rolling stock item (Engine or Wagon), you can thus add a second coupling entry, A Velocity ( 1m/sec ) entry is added to the rear coupling and -1 m/sec to the front coupling. This has been found to improve coupling connections. The Rigid coupling entries show whether the coupling in question is Rigid, Comment(the coupling is commented out), or omitted. Once more right clicking on these lines allows you to change either/both to rigid. A further button, Fix Air Brakes on this screen adds two lines to Westinghouse air braked stock:-
    AuxilaryResCapacity( 5 )
    AuxilaryResMaxPressure( 70 )

    These have been found to improve braking on such models.

    There is also a new version of TsUtils included in this update, thanks to Carl-Heinz. This one fixes a few bugs and I have added a button which displays a log file of the TsUtil version numbers so that you can be sure you are using the correct version of each class item.

  • v6.3.16 - The above v6.3.14 did not correctly display locomotives which already had dual couplings. I have fixed this and now allow you to convert either the front or rear couplings between automatic and chain (no changes are made to BAR couplers).
  • v6.3.17 - There was a small bug in v6.3.16 which gave incorrect results with some locos. I have also added 2 new buttons to the 'List all Filtered Files' screen, 'Make AI Locos' and 'Make unpowered locos' These are the same as those on the MSTS File Utils tab, but work on multiple .eng files as selected from the 'Filters' box.
  • v6.3.19 - Fixed a bug in the 'Check Selected Activities' option if there were over 100 locomotives in an Activity (including static locos). Fixed a bug in applying dual couplings to certain locos depending on the layout of the .eng file. Note a new Spanish help file is now available, see below.
  • v6.3.27 - Filter box now accepts multiple arguments like *.eng;*.wag where entries are separated by semi-colons(no spaces). The Activities/Stock Fix .eng files and Fix .wag files buttons have been combined into 'Fix .ENG/.WAG Files'. Fixed a bug in the Check Rolling Stock to accept all types of alias for Freightanim settings. Added new option to the Activities/Stock tab, '.ENG/.WAG file Editor' This editor is intended for those who wish to make the same change to a large number of .eng or .wag files at the same time. 'List all Filtered files' button now also on the front screen.
  • v6.3.28 - As above but fixed a bug in the 'Make Dead Locos' option on the List all Filtered Files screen.
  • v6.3.32 - Version 6.3.27 broke the option 'Fix .SD Files' it is fixed in this version, along with fixes to the Make Dead Loco option on the List filtered files screen.
  • v6.3.36 - Much improved Make Dead Locos/Make AI Locos functions (I was able to make Dead and AI versions of all 1900 locos on my system with 2 button clicks, and no errors found in Conbuilder). Tidied up a few functions.
  • v6.3.39 - Fixed the Compress .S Files options to handle .s files which have been incorrectly compressed in the first place. Added new compress option 'Compress using UHARC' - This gives 25pct smaller distribution files for routes.
  • v6.3.41 - New option on Activities/Stock tab 'List all Rolling-Stock in Selected Route' lists all stock required to run the route, including loose consists and all consists called by the installed activities.
  • v6.3.43 - .ENG/.WAG file Editor now gives you the option to make backups of each changed file. Editor also warns if you attempt to edit multi-line Keys (e.g. Description) and will not allow this action. v3.2.143 of TsUtils included.
  • v6.3.45 - Two new options on the List all Filtered files screen, one to DELETE all selected files, so you can add *.bk;*.bak to the filter box and delete all backups in one button press. Secondly, an option to produce Thumbnail .jpg pictures of all selected .s files. These work with Conbuilder to show consists in full colour from within Conbuilder.
  • v6.3.48 - Changed the above option to directly produce thumbnails of the .eng/.wag files, thus keeping filenames correct. Includes latest trainlib.ocx which was omitted from the previous version.

    This version and above will require Shape Viewer 1.6 or higher.

  • v6.3.50 - As above, but also includes FreightAnims if the files are in the same folder (not aliased). Fixed bug whereby Check Route only looked for missing textures/sounds in the Default routes, now correctly looks in all routes.
  • v6.3.52 - Bugs fixed - Fixed the Normalise .T Error Bias option which did not work. RR now ignores track sections for the Berlin Underground route beginning 'TML' these tracks are not in tsection.dat, Do not use RR for any options on this route. RR now saves the Shape File Viewer path when it starts and rewrites it back to the registry when it finishes, so the Registry entry for use with Conbuilder should still work OK.
  • v6.3.53 - New version of TsUtils which fixes a bug in the Merge routine where Lo_Tiles are in use. Bug fixed - v6.3.50 onwards broke the option to make Mini-Routes, not all files were copied. This is now fixed.
  • v6.3.55 - Full Install Version: a new version of SViewRR4.exe included which makes the thumbnails fill the picture and are now viewed square on. New button in MSTS File Utils - Change .T ErrorBias on files with Tracks/Roads - allows route builders to just change the error bias in tiles where there are track or road sections, all other tiles are left at their defaults. Bug fixed - MakeACE DXT and Make uncompressed ACE buttons did not work if aceit.exe was not in the Tempfiles folder.
  • v6.3.57 - Added better Error messages when checking World tiles. Enclosed correct TK.MSTS.Tokens.dll as an old version was included with the full version of 6.3.55.
  • v6.3.61 has a few small improvements in error checking.
  • v6.3.63 - Fixed bug in the 'Make thumbnails of .eng/.wag files' whereby if there was a FreightAnim shape in one folder, and not in the next, then a zero length shape file was erroneously written to the second folder. This does not affect the game, but should not be there.
  • v6.3.68 - Fixed a number of small bugs, mainly in the Fix .con files and Mini-route copy functions.
  • v6.3.69 - I discovered a bug in the mini-routes Track copy option which copied the Global\Shapes folder in the instance of MSTS shown in the Registry, not the one you were copying the route from. This is now fixed, this makes no difference to those with only one main version of MSTS. Also changed the mini-routes Compact Track and Tsection.dat button to Compact Track only. It has been discovered that Route-Riter will not always correctly compact Tsection.dat files, depending on the tsection.dat version, so I have now allowed users just to remove the unnecessary track sections and leave the tsection.dat as it was (the option to compact tsection.dat is still available in the MSTS file utils tab).
  • v6.3.70 - Altered 'Fix .eng/.wag files' to always save the suffix as .eng or .wag rather than .ENg etc - Mixed case suffixes have caused problems with Conbuilder.
  • v6.3.77 - Fixed Error 9 when checking route, only occured if over 5000 textures found. Delete all instances of a .S file in a route's world files can now also delete all instances of a transfer. The Fix .eng/.wag files option will now advise if it finds a file it can not process.
  • v6.3.79 - Added an ABORT button to the Make Thumbnails option as this takes a long time to complete and may need to be stopped.
  • v6.3.80 - Fixed the Eng/Wag Editor Button which was broken.
  • v6.3.81 - Fixed the Change MSTS Registry Path Button which was broken.
  • v6.3.86 - Updated the Package Activity option in the Check Selected Activity area. List of stock used now includes Name of rolling stock item (e.g. Flying Scotsman) as well as path/filename. Also fixed several bugs in this option which caused errors and lock ups under certain conditions.
  • v6.3.90 - Fixes bugs in 'Fix .eng/.wag', 'Compact Route', and the '.Ref file editor' options. Full install version added 18-May-2006.
  • v6.4.35 - This version has been changed somewhat, it fixes several bugs reported in the Write .Bat and other options of the earlier versions and includes TsUtils v3.3 with many thanks to Carl-Heinz - See the TsUtil_en.txt file for details of changes - not all of these are implemented in Route_Riter, so may have to be run from a DOS window.

    Also, as a 'Thank You' to those who have sent contributions via PayPal or have sent me code samples etc, I have included some new hidden features such as the ability to start Conbuilder from within RR and open it in whatever instance of MSTS you are currently using, e.g. you can set RR's Selected Version of MSTS as a mini-route and Conbuilder will open up on that mini-route without having to go through all of the rolling-stock on your default MSTS installation before it starts. Includes Help files for TGATools2 (not TGATools2a, but it is similar), thanks to Andy Wills. It also includes a new version of Shape File Viewer 'SviewBB.exe' in the Route_Riter folder which I have recompiled to include Ian MacMillan's Measurement Tool, thanks to Ian for this useful addition and to Paul Gausden as usual for the source code of his great program. SViewBB is run from within the Tweak Settings section of the .eng/.wag file editor, but may be run as a stand alone program.

    Also in the restricted tools is a new version of the .eng/.wag file editor, details of which are as follows:- Getting your RollingStock Rolling for which many thanks to Yuri.

    If you have sent a contribution via PayPal, or think you are entitled to a licence, and have not received a licence file from me (the attachment to the PayPal thank you email will do), please let me know and I will fix things up for you.

  • v6.4.36 - A small update to yesterday's version, Carl-Heinz has sent me a new version of TsUtil v3.3.1 which has the same functionality as the previous version, but has some messages and documentation improvements. However, Carl-Heinz has noticed that I did not correctly implement the Integrity Check option in Route_Riter. This has now been done and you will find much better route checking under the ICHK option.
  • v6.4.41
    1. New button on Graphics Tab - 'List shapes which use this .ace' allows you to select an .ace file and it will list all of the shapes in the Shapes folder which use it.
    2. Updated the TsUtils Move option to use more memory and so handle larger routes.
    3. The Common Files option now allows the addition of the Global\Shapes files to the Common Files (thus all mini-routes, in effect, may use one Common files folder for Global shapes)
    4. On Graphics Tab, 'MakeAce DXT' has been changed to 'Convert selected .ace to DXT1 (ignores if DXT) - Same as convert to DXT but if shape is already DXT it is untouched. ACE with 8 bit transparency are also ignored to stop them being deteriorated.