EMAIL - General Instructions

You can contact me by email: my email address is steam4me @

If you're planning to email me:

  1. Emails should be polite and respectful;
  2. Due to the ever-increasing amount of spam (I'm currently receiving over 250 junk emails per day) I have set quite robust "kill filters" to delete some/most (hopefully) junk mail. To ensure that your email message gets through to me, please place a leading [MSTS] ahead of your subject in the Subject line of your email, eg [MSTS] mysubject.

    I have set "watch" filters at a high level for emails containing this text in the subject line and they will be placed into a special folder in my inbox for my prompt attention. I also regularly search for MSTS in my SPAM/JUNK folder.

  3. Emails MUST be plain text only - HTML emails will be deleted;
  4. Emails containing unsolicited attachments will be deleted without opening (the one exception is a JPG image - please place the name and size of image within the text of message to verify the attachment);
  5. Emails should contain your real name - nicks or handles are unacceptable;
  6. I welcome advice on errors or omissions on my website;
  7. Emails asking when such-and-such a model will be released or "is someone going to do this model/livery/road number" WILL BE IGNORED AND DELETED without reply;