BHP Billiton Iron Ore Dash 8 Locomotives
and Ore Wagons (WA)

original 3d model design and textures by Marek Lemow


Package contains :

  • ALCO C636 and M636 locomotives rebuilt with Dash-8 components:
    • BHP Iron Ore 5640, 5649, 5656, 5669;
    • BHP-Billiton Iron Ore 5641, 5642, 5643, 5644;
  • Goninan-built stainless steel ore cars: as new and weathered;
  • Comeng-built ore cars.


These locomotives have been designed for use with the LightFx lighting enhancement. The installer will install this enhancement for you. Click on this image for more details.


Prototype Operator

BHP-Billiton Iron Ore, Western Australia


File download name, link and size


File Size: 20.7 MB (21,810,028 bytes)


Additional Files Required

  1. Some sounds are aliased to default GP38 and Dash-9 locomotives and default global wagon sounds.


Additional Tasks Required

  1. Download and run the installer.
  2. Consists for a loaded and empty ore train have been installed for you. You will need to create a consist to use these locomotives in other trains.  Click here for a tutorial on building up your own consists.
  3. Take the time to read the comprehensive documentation provided with these fine models.


More Screenshots

BHP-Billiton Iron Ore Dash-8 Locomotive

BHP Iron Ore Mt Newman Joint Venture Dash-8 Locomotive

Goninan-built stainless-steel ore wagons

Comeng-built ore wagon