S Class Diesel Locomotive (VIC)

original 3d model design and textures by James Brook


Five Packages contain:

  1. As delivered - S300 "Matthew Flinders" in blue and gold Victorian Railways livery;
  2. Modernised - S302 in blue and gold Victorian Railways livery, S313 in orange and grey V/Line livery;
  3. Modernised - S307 in orange and grey V/Line livery fitted with with Leslie Supertyphon horns;
  4. Modernised - S301 renumbered by Zec Murphy in blue and gold Victorian Railways livery;
  5. Modernised - S315 and S317 renumbered by Richard Lauder in blue and gold Victorian Railways livery;
  6. Modernised - S317 retextured into GNRS livery - visit the GNRS Bulldogs page for more information.
These locomotives have been designed for use with the LightFx lighting enhancement. The installer will install this enhancement for you. Click on this image for more details.


Prototype Operator

Victorian Railways, V/Line


File download names, links and sizes

As delivered- S300


File Size: 1.65 MB (1,736,581 bytes)

Modernised Versions: S302, S313

File Size: 2.66 MB (2,793,472 bytes)

S307 with Leslie Supertyphon horns

File Size: 1.57 MB (1,647,277 bytes)

S301 - modernised renumber add-on

File Size: 1.07 MB (1,130,062 bytes)

S315, S317 - modernised renumber add-on

File Size: 2.35 MB (2,470,486 bytes)


Additional Files Required

  1. You will need to have installed the "Victorian Railways "S class" diesel cabview" Cabview to be able to operate these models; this is available from the Cabviews page on this site;


Additional Tasks Required

  1. Download and run the installer(s).
  2. Download and run the cabview installer.
  3. Note: S301, S315&S317 installers are ADD-ONS for the modernised S class: you must first have downloaded and installed the "Modernised S class".
  4. You will need to create a consist to use these locomotives in trains.  Click here for a tutorial on building up your own consists,


Screenshots of other versions

Modernised VR and V/Line liveries

S307 with Leslie Supertyphon horns