CS Cattle Wagon (SAR) for MSTS

original 3d model design and textures by Gavin McLaughlin


Three wagons in package: one empty, one loaded (quiet), one loaded with mooing cattle



Prototype Operator

South Australian Railways


Download Link And Size


File Size: 471 KB (482,693 bytes)


Installation Instructions

  1. Download the installer to your PC. Run the installer; it will find your MSTS installation.
  2. You will then need to create a consist to use these wagons.
    Click here for a tutorial on building up your own consists.


Additional Notes

These models have release3 physics by Ian Bowles of team-ALCO; these models also include new double-coupler statements. A new default.wag has also been installed in the DEFAULT folder (the original file is renamed default.old). This enables satisfactory use in both default MSTS and MSTSBin installations.

An enhanced sound file for bellowing cattle, moo.sms, will be installed in the Global/Sound folder.