Passenger Carriages (South Australian Railways) for MSTS

3d models original design and textures by Alexander Jamieson


There are multiple carriage varieties in the package, some with an additional internal view:

  • Green & cream livery: 500, 600, 700 series (also a 600 with pass view);
  • Red & silver livery: 500, 600, 700 series (also a 600 with pass view);
  • Centenary carriages: 2 varieties, one with passenger view;
  • Centenary baggage van: plain, passenger and guard view versions.


Prototype Operator

South Australian Railways


Download Link And Size


File Size: 6.22 MB (6,524,767 bytes)


Installation Instructions

  • Download the installer to your PC. Run the installer; it will find your MSTS installation.
  • These carriages require the installation of the VR Passenger Carriage Sounds for correct operation. Click on the link to commence downloading a 1,985,764 byte installer.
  • You will then need to create a consist to use these wagons.
    Click here for a tutorial on building up your own consists.

    Additional Notes

    Note that only the passenger view in the foremost vehicle is active if you have more than one such carriage in your consist.

    These models have been designed with improved friction, braking and resistance.


    500 series in cream and green

    600 series in cream and green

    700 series in cream and green

    700 series in red and silver

    Centenary carriage var 1

    Centenary carriage var 2

    Centenary carriage baggage van