Newroads Installation Guide
(Version 4.00, includes tsection.dat b38)

by Bruce Bridges, Ted Curphey, Martyn T. Griffin, Steven Masters, Jeff Rice, Norbert Rieger


Newroads is an expanded range of straight, curved, single- and multi-lane road pieces, freeway to country lane.


Newroads For the End-User

You've downloaded a route and it says you need Newroads to get it operating correctly. This is the section for you.

Irrespective of the version required for the route (most route documentation will state "Newroads x.xx or higher"), download and install this latest single version, which will ensure trouble-free operation. This installer also installs the latest version of tsection.dat (don't worry if you don't understand that, just know that it's a good thing to do).

The introduction of NewRoads 4.0 means that there is now only one installer you need to download. It will contain options about which "flavour" of Newroads you require.


  • Single-file installer

    Click on the link below to commence downloading the latest version of Newroads.

    17.3 MB (18,194,419 bytes)
    1. Download this installer and save it to your hard drive.
    2. You should already have made a back-up copy of your "Train Simulator\GLOBAL" folder (simply click on "Global" in Explorer, press press Ctrl-C | Ctrl-V and you'll have a "Copy Of Global" folder - just in case).
    3. Simply double-click on the saved Newroads_v40_MSTS1_Setup.exe file and follow the prompts. The installer will find your MSTS installation.
    4. At the "Select Components" screen, you will have four choices: the table below will assist you in selection, but an overwhelming majority of routes (over 98%) call for the standard version of Newroads:
      The route calls for NewRoads 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 or higher
      Install Newroads 4.0 - select "Standard"
      The route calls for NewRoads 3.0 or higher
      Install Newroads 4.0 - select "Standard"
      The route calls for NewRds 3.0+ or NewRoads 3.0+ with Dynamic Shadows (the route must specifically advise that you need Dynamic Shadows)
      Install Newroads 4.0 - select "With Shadows"
      You need to revert to default shapes
      Install Newroads 4.0 - select "Default Files"

      You can change from type of Newroads to another by simply running the installer again and selecting a different option.

    5. That's it - you're done! Fire up MSTS and away you go on your new route.
    Notes on the installer:
    1. The installer is a Qsetup installer and the NewRoads installer has been written by Yuri Sos;
    2. It will try to find the MSTS folder from your registry - it reads only, it DOES NOT WRITE TO THE REGISTRY;
    3. this installer will check existing files on your hard drive: IT WILL NOT OVER-WRITE existing files on your system that have a newer date stamp. It will install build 38 tsection.dat only if you have an older build number.

If all you want to do is operate a route you've downloaded or installed, STOP HERE, you're done.


Newroads For the Route Builder

You are building a route and you need the expanded road options as you find the standard sections too limiting. You will need to download and install the standard Newroads v4.0 package (see Newroads for End-User, above).

In addition, you will need to download the Newroads package for Route builders from this link below, depending on the country you are modelling (the route builder's package is available only as a .ZIP file - if you can build a route, you can use a .ZIP file):

Australian or UK Roads
US or Canadian Roads
Danish Roads

Comprehensive documentation is in the package in HTML format.


File Sizes

Newroads_v40_MSTS1_Setup.exe 17.3 MB (18,194,419 bytes) 29.1 MB (30,520,169 bytes) 30.0 MB (31,535,941 bytes) 17.1 MB (18,034,270 bytes)


Tech Support

  1. If you run into problems, ask for help either at the Route Designers forum at or the forum at (other forums might also be able to help) or mail the person that made the route;
  2. You could also try emailing Stephen Masters or even try reading the documentation in the Newroads Route Builder's Package. DO NOT PANIC!


What's the difference between the two versions of Newroads?

Newroads Standard

This is the standard road set.  The Newroads version does not display dynamic shadows. The shadows are there but they are under the roads. The shadow itself appears to be projected about 0.04m above the terrain. If you look closely at the fwy*/hwy* sections you will see that the shadow covers part of the shoulder (which is angled down to 0.0m).

Newroads with Dynamic Shadows (formerly known as Newrds)

This version has the alpha channel sorting switched on:  all of the "Z-Buffer/Test Only" options are set on all roads  except for the one with the "_NA" extension. The "test only" option is what allows dynamic shadows to appear over the roads, and track beds (see image).  This results in the shadows appearing on the roads but it comes with a "price".

There are special "_NA" (=No Alphasorting) road sections that should be used to cross the tracks themselves (they won't show any shadows but appear correctly). Even if the road is 10m above the track it will still appear to be under the track.

For a route to be "Dynamic Shadows" compatible, grade crossings must use the special "_NA" sections (just to cross the tracks), and bridges must have the "terrain" option checked.

Steven has also included an additional zip that has the default road sections with no shadows (from the standard set).

What happens if you install the Newroads with Dynamic Shadows package on a route that's only designed for Newroads Standard?

The roads appear to pass under the track, not over it (see below).

Simply run the Newroads installer and select "Standard": this returns the level crossing to normal (see below).