Sydney, New South Wales La Perouse Tramway
Ver 1.0

Route design by Joseph Spinella


This route was the first Australian route for MSTS, first released in June 2002, barely 12 months after the release of MSTS itself.

This route is a pre-war recreation of the Circular Quay - Bondi tramline in Sydney, New South Wales.

Prototype Operator: New South Wales Government Railways & Tramways,


File download name and link

Complete Install of v1.0:


Note: read "Additional Files Required" further down this page: you will require more files.


File Size

.EXE:	11.2 MB (11,744,268 bytes)


Additional Files Required

  1. You'll need the Sydney R1 Class Tram, which you can download from the electric vehicles section of this site.


Tasks Required

  1. Download the file linked above.
  2. Run the installer by double-clicking on the EXE file. The installer is automatically set to "Run As Administrator" for Vista and Windows 7 users.
  3. You must have all six default routes installed BEFORE running this installer. The routes just need to be present: they DO NOT need to be unstored if you use Trainstore, nor do you need to activate them if you use Route Riter's ON/OFF utility.
  4. Allow the batch file to run to completion. If you do not see this batch file run in a DOS box, you most likely are a Vista or Windows 7 user. TURN OFF "User Account Control" (Start | Control Panel | User Accounts | Turn User Account Control On or Off); then right-click on the installme.bat file in the Route folder and set "Run As Administrator". The batch file should now run correctly.
  5. The first time you run this route, there will be a short delay as MSTS "generates terrain buffers" - this is a one-off and subsequent use of this route will load normally.