New South Wales - NSW North West Route
(version 1.0)

Route design by Chris Nelson and Brian Bere-Streeter


Version 1: East Maitland to Armidale & Muswellbrook to Merriwa

The NSW-NW route covers a vast area of north-western NSW. There is a total of 753 miles (1205 km) of main line track in this route.

This version contains the following completed lines:

  • Main North: East Maitland to Armidale (238 miles);
  • Merriwa Branch: Muswellbrook to Merriwa (51 miles).

Other unfinished lines are in place within the route; in some sections some scenery has been placed, but no interactives are placed on these sections: these will be completed in future versions. Much trackage is unscenicked and the "edge of the world" will be visible from the train in some locations.

  • Barraba Branch: West Tamworth to Barraba (61 miles);
  • Mungindi Line: Werris Creek to Moree (157 miles);
  • Dubbo Line: Werris Creek to Binnaway (84 miles);
  • Gwabegar Line: Gulgong to Gwabegar (162 miles);
  • a short section of the North Coast Line from Maitland to just north of Telarah;
  • A short section of the South Maitland Railways from Maitland to just west of Mount Dee.

Although the route contains some sections such as Farley, East Greta and Mount Dee, Telarah, Maitland, High Street and East Maitland that are duplicated in the "Coals to Newcastle" route by Peter Newell, these sections have been included in this route for "comparative completeness" at the southern end of the route. This allows for any Activities along the Main North line to have associated AI traffic running on the Coal Lines to/from the SMR lines, or associated AI traffic running to/from the Main North Coast line.


File download names and links

Complete Install of v1.0:

You will need to download the .EXE file and the .D01 data file.
The data file is available as a single-file download, or as a 12-part WinRAR archive.







Note #1: This method of installer preparation reduces the time Vista and later OSes and some anti-virus programs may take to scan the EXE file.

Note #2: you may need to right-click and "Save Link/Target As" on the .D01 file to save it to your hard disk instead of having it open in your browser.

Note #3: read "Additional Files Required" further down this page: you will require more files.

Note #4: The data file (.D01 file) is available packaged within a multi-part RAR file, consisting of twelve 50MB parts. Download all 12 parts to the same folder, then extract the .D01 file to the same folder as the EXE file.


File Sizes

AU_NSW_NorthWest_v1_Full_MSTS1_Setup.exe		1.64 MB  (1,721,295 bytes)

AU_NSW_NorthWest_v1_Full_MSTS1_Setup.D01		602 MB (631,493,356 bytes)

AU_NSW_NorthWest_v1_DataFile.partnn.rar (01-11):	50.0 MB (52,450,000 bytes)
AU_NSW_NorthWest_v1_DataFile.part12.rar:		30.3 MB (31,777,693 bytes)

Hard Disk Space Required:	~1.2G after completion of installation
				~1.6G after "creating terrain buffers"


Additional Files Required

  1. Xtracks 3.20 or higher
  2. Newroads 4.0 or higher
  3. UK Finescale Track (click here to download installer)


Tasks Required

  1. Download the EXE file and either the single .D01 file or the 12-part WinRAR archive.
  2. If you have downloaded the single .D01 file, go to Step #4.
  3. If you have downloaded the 12-part WinRAR file, ensure all 12 parts are in the same folder then double-click on AU_NSW_NorthWest_v1_DataFile.part01.rar and extract the .D01 file.
    .RAR files can be opened by
    WinRAR, by Winzip ver.11 or higher, or by a number of other archiving tools ( let Google be your friend).
  4. Ensure that the EXE file and the .D01 data file are in the same folder in your PC. Their filenames should match exactly.
  5. Run the installer by double-clicking on the EXE file (do not touch the data file - .D01 - the installer EXE will load the data pack itself). The installer is automatically set to "Run As Administrator" for Vista and Windows 7 users. Do note that an "invalid data message" indicates that there is something wrong with the download: check filenames and exact filesizes (see file sizes above).
  6. You must have all six default routes installed BEFORE running this installer. The routes just need to be present: they DO NOT need to be unstored if you use Trainstore, nor do you need to activate them if you use Route Riter's ON/OFF utility. You must also have the Template folder present in its correct location in your MSTS folder.
  7. You must have Xtracks 3.20 or higher, Newroads 4.00 or higher and UK Finescale Tracks installed. Ninety-five percent of "route operation errors" support emails I receive are the result of out-of-date Xtracks or Newroads.
  8. Allow the batch file to run to completion. If you do not see this batch file run in a DOS box, you most likely are a Vista or Windows 7 user. TURN OFF "User Account Control" (Start | Control Panel | User Accounts | Turn User Account Control On or Off); then right-click on the installme.bat file in the Route folder and set "Run As Administrator". The batch file should now run correctly.
  9. The first time you run this route, there will be a considerable delay as MSTS "generates terrain buffers" - this is a one-off and subsequent use of this route will load normally.



Northern Tablelands Express with twin DEB sets
"Northern Tablelands Express" with twin DEB sets crosses the Hunter River at Singleton

Yet another one of the legendary Garratt hauled coalies snakes out of Newdell colliery heading for Port Waratah

DEB set passes the Tamworth drive-in - and screening tonight is - James Bond in The Man With the Golden Gun

A pair of 35s tow the heavy dynamometer car HTV2000 across the Hunter River at Aberdeen

The rolling countryside north of Muswellbrook

The Northern Tablelands Express passes a two-car local at Maitland