New South Wales - Tumulla Bank Route (version 1.6)
Route design by Chris Nelson and Brian Bere-Streeter (v1.6 scenery upgrade)


This exquisite little route portrays the climb from Perthville to Gresham on the Main West line. Tumulla Bank is located between the main towns of Bathurst and Blayney and in MSTS terms is between the western end of "Blue Mountains line v4" and the eastern end of "Central West v1.6".

Whilst only a short route, it demonstrates that an MSTS route doesn't have to be hundreds of kilometers long to capture and hold your interest.

This route was originally released with the team-ALCO NSWGR 36 Class Loco Pack in order to showcase these fine locomotives in a challenging environment. It was always intended that this route would be distributed as freeware and when Brian Bere-Streeter offered to perform his upgrade magic on the route, Chris readily agreed.

Total mainline trackage: ~22km.

Prototype Operator: New South Wales Government Railways and its successors.


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Complete Install of v1.6:
Single-file installer


Note: Read "Additional Files Required" further down this page: you will require more files.


File Sizes

45.0 MB (47,276,611 bytes)


Additional Files Required

  1. Xtracks 3.20 or higher
  2. Newroads 4.0 or higher


Tasks Required

  1. This installer will replace the original Tumulla Bank route. You are strongly advised to delete or move any previous versions of this route before undertaking installation of this updated version.
  2. You must have all six default routes installed BEFORE running this installer. The routes just need to be present: they DO NOT need to be unstored if you use Trainstore, nor do you need to activate them if you use Route Riter's ON/OFF utility.
  3. You must have Xtracks 3.20 or higher installed.
  4. You must have Newroads 4.0 or higher installed.
  5. Run the installer by double-clicking on the EXE file you have saved to your hard disk.
  6. Allow the batch file(s) to run to completion.
  7. The first time you run this route, there will be a short delay as MSTS "generates terrain buffers" - this is a one-off and subsequent use of this route will load normally.



Tumulla signal cabin sees 36 class action.

4502 and a 48 power through Georges Plains.

36 class-hauled pass makes good time through Wimbledon.