Victoria: Mornington Railway Tourist Railway Route (version 3)
Route design by Craig Walton


The Mornington Railway (MR) is an operating railway museum based at Moorooduc station on the Mornington Peninsula about 60km from Melbourne.

A feature of the MR is that original Victorian Railways heritage equipment and rollingstock is used to support and operate train services. The Mornington railway line is a heritage item in itself, having been opened in 1889.   The main operational focus of the MR is the running of steam-hauled passenger trains, but original Victorian Railways diesel-electric locomotives are used on trains occasionally.

The trains run on a regular basis between Moorooduc and Mornington, a round distance of approximately 11km.  The remaining unrestored section of the line between the main line junction at Baxter and Moorooduc is being restored as time and funds permit.

Prototype Operator: Mornington Railway Preservation Society (line formerly Victorian Railways)

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Arrival At Moorooduc.