Victoria: Gisborne - Bendigo Route (version 2)
Route design by Russell Beer


This route covers the Northern Main Line from Gisborne through Kyneton, Castlemaine and Bendigo to North Bendigo Junction. The branchlines to Redesdale (closed 1954) and Daylesford (closed ) are included.

Prototype Operator: Victorian Railways and its successors.

Main line:

  • Gisborne - North Bendigo Junction: 63 miles ( 101 km)

Branch lines:

  • Carlsruhe - Daylesford: 22 miles ( 35 km)
  • Redesdale Junction - Redesdale 16 miles (26 Km)


File download names and links

Complete Install: (single large data file version) best suited to users on broadband internet (data file is 197 MB).
Note there are two files:


~ OR ~

Complete Install: multi-part version suitable for users on dial-up internet acess (each part is ~47 MB).
Note there are eleven files:


Important Notes:

  1. The two versions ARE identical - only the method and size of file preparation varies.
  2. This method of installer preparation reduces the time Vista, Windows 7 and some anti-virus programs may take to scan the EXE file.
  3. You may need to right-click and "Save Link/Target As" on the .D0x files to save them to your hard disk instead of having them open in your browser.
  4. Read "Additional Files Required" further down this page: you will require more files.


File Sizes

Single large data-file version:

suitable for broadband users or time-unlimited dial-up users:

.EXE file:	344 KB (352,344 bytes)
.D01 file:	197 MB (207,099,763 bytes)

Multi-part version:

Suited for users on dial-up internet access, the installer is divided into eleven sections (all less than 50MB, the general dial-up time/bandwidth limit):

.EXE:		50.0 MB (52,428,800 bytes)
.D01-.D03:	50.0 MB (52,428,800 bytes)
.D04:		728 KB (745,775 bytes)


Additional Files Required

  1. Xtracks 3.20 or higher
  2. Newroads 4.0 or higher
  3. UK Finescale Track (click here to download installer)


Tasks Required

  1. Download the two (or five for multi-part) files linked above; ensure both (or all five for multi-part) files are in the same folder in your PC.
  2. Run the installer by double-clicking on the EXE file (do not touch the data file(s) - .D0n - the installer EXE will load the data pack(s) itself). The installer is automatically set to "Run As Administrator" for Vista and Windows 7 users.
  3. This installer will replace the original Northern Main route. You are strongly advised to delete or move any previous versions of this route before undertaking installation of this updated version.
  4. You must have all six default routes installed BEFORE running this installer. The routes just need to be present: they DO NOT need to be unstored if you use Trainstore, nor do you need to activate them if you use Route Riter's ON/OFF utility.
  5. You must have Xtracks 3.20 or higher installed.
  6. You must have Newroads 4.0 or higher installed.
  7. You must have UK Finescale Track (click here to download installer) installed;
  8. Allow the batch file to run to completion. If you do not see this batch file run in a DOS box, you most likely are a Vista or Windows 7 user. TURN OFF "User Account Control" (Start | Control Panel | User Accounts | Turn User Account Control On or Off); then right-click on the installme.bat file in the Route folder and set "Run As Administrator". The batch file should now run correctly.
  9. The first time you run this route, there will be a short delay as MSTS "generates terrain buffers" - this is a one-off and subsequent use of this route will load normally.



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