C35 class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive (NSWGR)

original 3D model and textures by Paul Gausden


One locomotive in package:

C35 class 4-6-0 steam locomotive: road number 3526.

Multiple levels of detail (LODs) to improve sim performance.  The loco is crewed and has a coal load in the tender which decreases with use.  A great deal of effort has gone into replicating the prototype's performance, including tractive effort and braking (physics by Team-ALCO).



Prototype Operator

New South Wales Government Railways


File download name, link and size


File Size: 1.44 MB (1,513,948 bytes)


Additional Files Required

  1. This locomotive requires the 2-cylinder sound set files by Stuart Williamson for its sound.
  2. This locomotive contains sounds aliased to default Scotsman and 380 locomotives.
  3. This locomotive requires the "C30 class 3112 locomotive"by Joseph Spinella for its cabview.


Tasks Required

  1. Run the installer; one light engine consist has been created and will be installed for you.
  2. Run the "2-cylinder sound set" installer available from the Sounds page.
  3. You will need to create a consist to use these locos in other trains.  Click here for a tutorial on building up your own consists.