Submissions - General Principles

You can contact me by email: my email address is steam4me @

Contact me in the first instance by email: see my contact page.

If you'd like to submit a model/tutorial to be hosted on this site:

  1. Freeware models and tutorials are welcome on this site;
  2. Don't send unsolicited models: please email me first for advice on forwarding items;
  3. Models should be of genuine Australian prototype of any era, past or present, any roadname/railway company/livery;
  4. Tutorials are best submitted in Word format with the images separate all wrapped up in a ZIP file: I will convert it to a steam4me format HTML page;
  5. Models will be inspected and tested before release; I write the installers that package each model;
  6. Be aware that there may a delay of weeks/months before release of a model: there are over 50 models in the queue at the moment and there is only so much time I can devote to MSTS;
  7. team-ALCO members are happy to assist you with finishing your model: we are skilled in ENG/WAG file construction, texturing and even model construction.
  8. team-ALCO members may provide input into the physics, image, and sound aspects of your model to enhance its quality and protoypical performance: we do know what we are doing and really do not wish to engage in long, philosophical debates over particular setting in ENG, WAG or SMS files;
  9. No model will be released on this site until both you and I are happy with it: before release, either party reserves the right to withdraw/refuse any given model without notice or providing a reason;
  10. Models already hosted elsewhere have a low priority in preparation for hosting on this site;
  11. Pirates of unreleased models and hackers of this site (fortunately there are only a very few people in these categories) will never have their models (whether built or contributed to) hosted on this site.