Using MSTS with ATI Video Cards
by Yuri Sos


I've just installed MSTS on a new PC running Windows 7 and containing an ATI HD 5570 video card. A problem I ran into was that it seemed impossible to "scale" MSTS so that it wouldn't be stretched across a widescreen monitor.

It is in fact possible to achieve GPU scaling - it's just not intuitive, so I've prepared this illustrated guide to help you achieve correct MSTS scaling.


The Problem

Here's the problem........ as already discussed in the Using MSTS with Widescreen Monitors tutorial, you need to set "Image Scaling" when using widescreen monitors in order to display MSTS in its correct 4:3 aspect ratio.

But when you go into ATI's Catalyst Centre to enable GPU scaling, you find that the options are greyed out, even if you select GPU scaling, thus:

However, all is not lost, there is a simple solution.


The Solution

The key piece of information to solving this problem: the ATI Catalyst Centre will only permit you to enable "GPU Scaling" if the screen resolution is set to a less-than-optimal display resolution.

Right-click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution":

Click on the Resolution drop-down box and drag the pointer down one notch to a lower resolution: in the image below, the monitor's native(=recommended) resolution is 1920x1080 pixels, so I've dragged the pointer down to 1600x900pixels:

Click "ok" and then "Keep Changes":

Now open the ATI Catalyst Centre, (select Advanced if it's set to Basic) then click on the Graphics tab and select Desktops And Displays:

Right-click on the black triangle in the top-right hand corner of the lower left image (arrowed below) and select Configure..., thus:

Success! The GPU Scaling section is now enabled:

Click on the radio button to enable Maintain Aspect Ratio, then click "Ok":

Finally, once more right-click on the desktop and select "Screen Resolution":

Set your screen resolution back to the recommended or native resolution, click "Ok" and "Keep Changes".

All done. When you next play MSTS, you'll open in a full-screen with black bars on each side, thus:

The last thing to do is to go into Options | Display and set the resolution: MSTS will only display available resolutions, so in the image below, the highest vertical resolution available is 1024 pixels (the monitor has a maximum verical resolution of 1080 pixels and the next available MSTS vertical resolution is 1200 pixels resolution, hence a maximum of 1024 pixels is displayed).

Click "Save". Now you're good to go.

Hope this helps.