Repairing the default MSTS 1.2 SD40-2 shape
by Paul Gausden


The SD40-2 shape file (sd402.s) included with the MSTS 1.2 update has one incorrect character in the file which makes it impossible to be viewed in Shape Viewer or compressed with Shape File Manager or Route_Riter.



To fix this error, open the sd402.s file in Wordpad or other Unicode-aware editor such as ConTEXT.

Search for ")\" (without the quotes) ie right bracket then backslash.

You'll find it in the animation section in the WIPERBLADELEFT1 section. If you have ConTEXT, you'll find it at line 81242.

Remove the last backslash so that the line looks like this.....

Now save the file. You can now view this file in Shape Viewer and you'll be able to compress it to a 360k file.