Fixing Level Crossings Where Cars Don't Restart After The Train Has Passed
by Devin LeGresley


Many train-simmers (myself included) have always wondered why cars in the carspawner will remain stopped at mast-only signals even after a train has passed by. I say mast-only signals because these signals are the only ones that have this realism problem (and not signals with barriers).

The problem was NOT caused by the carspawner but lay within the shape file itself.

The solution: the shape must have animation.


The Procedure

The shape that makes up the level crossing sign has to be altered to include an animation section. You can add "animation" to any existing shape.

Uncompress the required shape with Shape File Manager or Zipper.

Open the shapefilename.s in a Unicode-aware editor such as MS Wordpad or better still, ConTEXT.

Add the following lines of code in the green box (you can copy and paste) immediately above the last bracket in the shape file: make sure you have all the brackets copied and pasted correctly.

animations ( 1
animation ( 1 1
anim_nodes ( 1
anim_node MAIN (
controllers ( 0 )

Once you've placed the code, use ConTEXT's bracket-matching feature to check that you've got all the brackets: it should look like this:

Note that there is one and only one (closing) bracket after this fragment of inserted code.

The following image shows you the shape file with the added text in the right-hand image.

Save the resultant shape file, compress with Zipper or Shape File Manager and place in your route.