Fencing your Roads
by Geoff Forrest


You know that you can use the Auto-Placement function (gantry.dat) to add fences, poles and other lineside paraphenalia to the right-of-way of your railway empire.

However, the gantry.dat ignores roads.

This tutorial will assume you have read and understood the Using The Auto-Placement Function (gantry.dat) in Route Editor tutorial.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be using a default shape (Jp1Hedgerows) to demonstrate this technique (the hedges make the technique more obvious than the fences you will most likely be using).


Setting Up The Roads

The image below demonstrates a simple application of auto-placement - as you can see, the hedges run only along the railway, not the road.

Let's start with a simple track and road crossing;

Simply place a piece of dynamic track - rotate it to point it along the road and lengthen it to have it slide along the road as far as you can wish. Click another piece and extend it in the other direction.

Set up the gantry.dat file, thus

then click Auto-Placement | Add Gantries:

... and within a few seconds you have hedges along the railway and the roadway - there seems to be a bit of a gap where the dynamic tracks join.

Delete unwanted pieces: you may need to add some pieces by hand.

Finally, delete the sections of dynamic track, add the necessary level crossing infrastructure and you're done.