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The web pages in this section were formerly components of the Hobo Junction web site which no longer exists. Due to the kind offer made by Yuri Sos of Steam4me to host the tutorial section for the benefit of the MSTS community, most of the tutorials have been reinstated and reformatted for presentation here. I wish also to take this opportunity to thank the community as a whole for their kind support and encouragement over the past few years.

Sean Lim aka Trackdancer.
March 2007

Due to the pictorial nature of the tutorials, users on dial-up may experience slow loading of the pages. We have optimized the pages as best we can, but do be patient and allow all the images to load. If any image fails to appear, try reloading the page. If that fails please contact us so we can resolve the broken link.


Line drawn templates for use on your own projects. Click on link to access the needed image and then right click on the picture and save to your hard drive. The templates are provided for non-commercial use only.

DIY Store Kit

TSM DIY Shop Modeling Kit

This kit includes the original TSM model file, a texture template, an example of a completed texture map, instructions and a fully completed ready-to-use model.

THIS KIT IS NOT DESIGNED TO BE A BEGINNER'S TUTORIAL - a basic level of familiarity with TSM and a graphics application is assumed. Please click here to download the needed files.

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