Creating a vehicle for MSTS using Train Sim Modeler
by Ted "Funnelfan" Curphey

This photo-tutorial shows you how to create a vehicle for MSTS using Train Sim modeler. This tutorial will cover the whole process from collecting photos and making a texture, to making the model and exporting it to MSTS. I made this tutorial because I've seen people struggling to make models, not realising there are simple methods to fix or avoid common mistakes.

funnelfan_01.jpg - 156kb

funnelfan_02.jpg - 35kb

funnelfan_03.jpg - 76kb

funnelfan_04.jpg - 136kb

funnelfan_05.jpg - 102kb

funnelfan_06.jpg - 57kb

funnelfan_07.jpg - 136kb

funnelfan_08.jpg - 114kb

funnelfan_09.jpg - 90kb

funnelfan_10.jpg - 27kb

funnelfan_11.jpg - 99kb

funnelfan_12.jpg - 102kb

funnelfan_13.jpg - 95kb

funnelfan_14.jpg - 130kb

funnelfan_15.jpg - 50kb

funnelfan_16.jpg - 57kb

funnelfan_17.jpg - 90kb

funnelfan_18.jpg - 101kb

funnelfan_19.jpg - 49kb

funnelfan_20.jpg - 81kb

funnelfan_21.jpg - 88kb

funnelfan_22.jpg - 110kb